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Advertising Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong and the BESTofCES.com website partnered with some companies that are making waves at this year's all-digital CES! [Read More]
Advertising Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong and the BESTofCES.com website partnered with a few companies that are really innovating at this year's all-digital CES! [Read More]
The bird may not even be alive, but a local pet store wants the thieves who stole a $500 parrot brought to justice. [Read More]
Photo by fauxels Originally Posted On: An Introduction to a Desk Scheduling System (meetio.com) [Read More]
Photo From enphold Originally Posted On: Folio iPhone Case – Colors and Styles Perfect for Every iPhone Model — Enphold... [Read More]
Photo by Pascal Swier Originally Posted On: OFFICIAL Foosball Rules for American and European Table Soccer (richardsonseating.com) [Read More]
Following Wednesdays unprecedented second impeachment of President Trump — Florida State Representatives speak out against an impeachment trial mere days away from President-elect Joe Biden. [Read More]
SNN confirmed via the Family's Go-Fund-Me page, that 23-year-old, Adrian Lopez Jr. passed away from his injuries on Wednesday afternoon. ... [Read More]
SARASOTA- Sarasota Memorial Hospital bringing the COVID-19 vaccine directly to an underserved community most hurt by the virus. When Sarasota Memorial Hospital held a weekend... [Read More]
4100 doses have been administered in Charlotte County as of Thursday. Communications manager, Brian Gleason says they've distributed every dose allocated to the county. There... [Read More]
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The old saying is that... [Read More]
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Heavy fire and smoke coming from a first floor apartment. is what greeted Cedar Hammock firefighters as they arrived at the Burgundy Condominiums in Bradenton... [Read More]
On Dec. 11, junior guard on the Saint Stephen's Episcopal girls basketball team, Jamie Springstead, became the all-time leading scorer in program history. [Read More]
"If I want to impress, I say I'm starting on 109,... [Read More]
SARAOTA- Sarasota County Commissioners blame to State-run county health department for flaws in the vaccine registration system. Don't expect a public vaccine event in Sarasota... [Read More]
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