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A teen AirDrops images of an airsoft gun to the plane passengers. [Read More]
NASA's Earth Polychromatic Image Camera, a hybrid instrument of cam and telescope was able to capture beautiful images of the moon's shadow over the Arctic... [Read More]
How is the world dealing with COVID-19? Here's a list of the top 10 countries ranked by recoveries. [Read More]
A fake Windows 11 installer tricks its users to install a bunch of malware and adware after the latter accepts a "license agreement." [Read More]
The new Google Drive update allows users to block spammers and people that are sharing abusive content. [Read More]
Facebook cloud games can be enjoyed by gamers even without going through the App Store. [Read More]
A 12-year-old boy from London has made over $160,000 selling an NFT collection inspired by an 8-bit stock image of a blue whale. [Read More]
Medical jargon and terms may lead you to something confusing. [Read More]
NoteAid AI is a project that can help people better understand their medical records, without the need for another doctor or clinic consultation. [Read More]
Fans excited for the arrival of Halo Infinite during the holiday season can get the chance to play a preview of the game as early... [Read More]
The White House COVID-19 Response Team has named three states where 40% of the week's COVID-19 cases come from. [Read More]
Want to use Bitcoin or Ethereum for your Amazon purchases? It might soon happen. [Read More]
Amazon is hiring a blockchain expert, and it signifies that it would soon dive in to cryptocurrency payments. [Read More]
NASA's Juno spacecraft is listening in on Jupiter as it emits strange radio waves caused by its highly volcanically active moon, Io. [Read More]
Watch Sonic run around the track, as SEGA among brings the official 2020 Olympics video game. [Read More]
Jupiter is the next destination of SpaceX, and it would also determine if it is suitable for life. [Read More]
SpaceX is going to Jupiter as NASA selects the Falcon Heavy for its Europa Clipper Mission, soon launching. [Read More]
Microsoft's latest Windows 11 Build 22000.100 doesn't fix all major bugs. [Read More]
Microsoft Windows 11's Hello face camera feature could still be having some issues. Follow this quick guide to fix it. [Read More]
Learning how to be successful really comes down to one thing: mastering how your mind works. Here are four extremely important mental skills to have... [Read More]
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