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If Gov. Bill Lee signs the measure into law, it will send death penalty cases straight to the Tennessee Supreme Court, eliminating a step in... [Read More]
The legislation, which has the support of Gov. Bill Lee, would eliminate a nearly 10-percent tax that has been imposed on the various small business... [Read More]
The House Finance, Ways and Means Subcommittee approved HB 1280, which would require Gov. Bill Lee's administration to meet with federal officials to formally request a... [Read More]
Gov. Bill Lee's controversial education savings account proposal was introduced in the Tennessee statehouse, and met with a flood of questions from lawmakers.      ... [Read More]
"You'll have to ask Rep. Byrd about resigning," Lee said. "I'm just glad she had the courage to come speak with me."        ... [Read More]
This week, we talk about the political ramifications of Bill Lee's meeting with Christi Rice, who has said Rep. David Byrd sexually assaulted her in... [Read More]
The analysis found that among the new hires are several former Lee campaign workers, the nephew of a key campaign staffer and a former state... [Read More]
Tennessee teachers, administrators and school boards say the education funding formula isn't hitting the mark for Tennessee's schools.        ... [Read More]
"I think he seemed surprised, and maybe shocked," Rice said. "He definitely was listening."        ... [Read More]