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There's nothing inherently male about playing video games. Videogame culture, on the other hand, is decidedly anti-female. [Read More]
A new 'flash and flush' EV charging system is being installed in London. [Read More]
Vaxxies are likely helping normalize the vaccine procedure, reducing hesitancy around perceived risks, and increasing vaccine trust within social circles. [Read More]
Fintech giant Square announced that it has struck a deal to acquire Australia-based AfterPay for a whopping $29 billion. [Read More]
Telegram has increased the viewer limit for group calls to a 1,000 people. [Read More]
Have you been wondering "can my PC run Windows 11?" If so, we've got answers. Kind of Microsoft's made things confusing, but here's what we... [Read More]
Trevor Milton, the founder and former chairman of EV startup Nikola, was charged on Thursday with three counts of criminal fraud. [Read More]
A team of physicists working with Google claim, in pre-print research, they've created actual time crystals inside a quantum computer. This could be huge! [Read More]
AI platform Prometeo, in partnership with Call for Code, IBM, Samsung, and The Linux Foundation, open-sourced its Pyrrha firefighter monitoring system. [Read More]
The EU has fined Amazon a $887M fine for a GDPR violation related to the company's ad targeting system. [Read More]
It feels like every tech firm is now building a metaverse. But will the reality live up to the hype? [Read More]
Gravity is the reason things with mass or energy are attracted to each other. It is why apples fall toward the ground and planets orbit... [Read More]
Fixing the imbalance in gender representation in physics research worldwide will bring more of science's best minds into the spotlight. [Read More]
Stablecoins promise more stability than other cryptocurrencies. Here's a blockchain expert breaking them down for you plain and simple. [Read More]
Earth's inner core is growing faster on one side than the other, and that could have caused the planet to tip over. Hurray for gravitational... [Read More]
Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff.... [Read More]
Women are turning to the image-sharing platform to tackle mental health issues. Instagram allows them to connect to others with similar experiences. [Read More]
Python classes can make your code more complicated than necessary. So when should you use classes, and when should you use standard functions instead? [Read More]
I recently did a management exercise with my team called "Lost at Sea" which taught me that everyone should listen to me! But I was... [Read More]
Facebook will release a pair of smart glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban next year, but don't expect any AR features. [Read More]
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