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Bank of England takes a break from opining on banks' IT outages to 'fess up to forking needless cash on legacy kit, manual processes ... [Read More]
Ed Snowden doesn't need to worry about being turfed out of Russia any more ... [Read More]
The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street needs help managing thousands of laptops, PCs and tablets... [Read More]
Yep, it's the artists occasionally known as APT28... [Read More]
As Zoom bans spread over privacy concerns, vid-conf biz taps up Stamos as firefighter in totally-not-a-PR-stunt move ... [Read More]
Apple coughs $84m to settle South Korean market abuse case ... [Read More]
Lee Kun-hee, who transformed Samsung into a global electronics titan, dies at 78 ... [Read More]
Sadly, the space opera franchise's first proper starfighter game in yonks just isn't that good... [Read More]
An unsightly stain among otherwise solid Apple results – considering the sh*t show that is 2020... [Read More]
Analyst figures add insult to injury for embattled comms biz... [Read More]
All your jobs are belong to us... Amazon is hiring 75,000 people but if you want US home groceries, tough luck ... [Read More]
Employers seek software engineers, support, new grads, and more... [Read More]
Can't pay Information Commissioner's fine? No problem! Just liquidate your firm ... [Read More]
'Amnesia' IoT botnet feasts on year-old unpatched vulnerability ... [Read More]
UK watchdog's mooted £99m penalty comes in at just £18.4m... [Read More]
And the 'acceptable company name' charset is hardcoded... in legislation... [Read More]
Donald Trump extends ban on Huawei, ZTE telecoms kit in US companies to May 2021 ... [Read More]
Systems, networks staffers face round 2 as round 1 crew packs their cables... [Read More]
If you're feeling down, know that we've just buried a heat sensor in an alien planet. If NASA can get through Mars soil, we can... [Read More]
Another Chromium browser for Linux? Microsoft Edge arrives in preview form, no love for Arm yet ... [Read More]
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