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Officials say the new coronavirus strain that was first detected in the U.K. could drive an increased spread of the virus across the U.S. by... [Read More]
The Justice Department executed 48-year-old Dustin Higgs at the Terre Haute federal penitentiary in Indiana on Friday night, marking the 13th execution the Trump... [Read More]
Chicago is a key site in the movement against the epidemic of police violence that continues to leave the lives of Black people in its... [Read More]
Both of Illinois' senators have sent a request to President-Elect Biden to designate the site of a 1908 race riot, which inspired the creation of the... [Read More]
What it do, y'all! This Monday marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and while I know at least one hour of your three-day weekend will... [Read More]
As one of the most prominent voices of our time, author Roxane Gay is acutely aware of the power of her words. But when it... [Read More]
It's a new year, and though we may not be able to make "Hi, I'm Barbara Walters…and this is 20/20" jokes anymore about the year,... [Read More]
So, we need to have a serious conversation about how Virginia might take the cake for most racist state in the union. For the first... [Read More]
I bought this at Uncle Bobbies in Philadelphia after a book talk there in 2019. It's a little snug, but I enjoy wearing it because... [Read More]
As corporations scrambled last June to make statements of accountability in support of racial justice, Sephora immediately responded with substantive action, becoming the first major... [Read More]
New Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders is on a mission. [Read More]
It appears that ever since the Jan. 6 siege at the U.S. Capitol, we've gone from telling Trump supporters, "Don't let your little president... [Read More]
How'd your week go? Did you get banned from virtually every social media platform in existence and then impeached for the second time? If you... [Read More]
As anyone with a TV set or access to Blu Ivy's internet is acutely aware of by now, Charles Barkley lives to say stupid things. [Read More]
The Clapback Mailbag will often search through the emails, tweets, DMs and comments to find a common theme from our perturbed readers. Sometimes they are... [Read More]
The white man who stabbed and killed a Black U.S. Army lieutenant at a bus stop in 2017 has been sentenced to life in prison. [Read More]
Now that the lawyer has gotten the "QAnon shaman's" organic diet taken care of, he's looking for the president who caused the insurrection on the... [Read More]
Dear Black women and girls:... [Read More]
Over the weekend, an unarmed Black man was fatally shot by a police officer in Killeen, Texas, after the officer responded to a call for... [Read More]
Jaime Harrison's fundraising prowess and the national visibility he built during his challenge for Lindsey Graham's Senate seat in the last election has landed him... [Read More]
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