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The 2021 NFL Draft has come and gone. [Read More]
Right now, Republicans across the country are on a mission to whitewash America's history in a way that protects white feelings and scrubs the stain... [Read More]
While increased vaccination availability has provided some light at the end of the tunnel with regard to the coronavirus, there are millions of Americans who... [Read More]
As someone with a massive platform and the ability to inform and influence the opinions of millions, after being in the public eye for about... [Read More]
We live in a society of celebrity worship, in which human beings are far too often reduced to what they do instead of who they... [Read More]
To me, the saddest part of the Derek Chauvin verdict was that it felt, and continues to feel, like such an anomaly. It is incredibly... [Read More]
Beyoncé?! (Now y'all know I couldn't pass that up.) [Read More]
Of course, explosives and weapons are being found at far-right rallies across the country. [Read More]
How did you sleep last night? Did you sleep? Were you able to stay asleep? If not, you may have insomnia. According to the American... [Read More]
We in first place, we in first place, Webby for Public Service and Activism—we in first place! (Or whatever 2 Chainz said.) [Read More]
That we even have to debate whether a statue of Robert E. Lee should exist tells us how backwards many people in America are. Of... [Read More]
On May 4, Jermaine Cole, aka Light-Skinned Jermaine and famously known as J. Cole, announced the May 14 release of his sixth studio album, The... [Read More]
These new discussions about whether or how systemic racism and slavery should be taught in school are proving one thing unequivocally: Republicans don't know shit... [Read More]
I'll never forget the moment I told my mama I was moving to L.A. [Read More]
A lot of white people are racist. Some white people are so racist that they look for any excuse to show their bigotry off. Last... [Read More]
Last week was a bit of a blur for everybody in the Very Smart Brothas universe. Damon and I wrote posts about his departure, some... [Read More]
What happens when the actual monster gets to dictate the story? Well, that monster gets to be the protagonist, shift any blame elsewhere and name... [Read More]
Traci Baxley, Ed.D. is a proud mother of five. [Read More]
Every now and again, the world gets it right: Rudy Giuliani's apartment got raided, student loan payments have been suspended, and Rory and Mal are... [Read More]
It's a story as old as time. The Republican Party rails against a thing, only for Republican voters to be found responsible for doing that... [Read More]
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