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A NASA professor is controlling Mars rover Perseverance on the Red Planet from a one-bedroomed flat above a hairdresser. Sanjeev Gupta, 55, should be at... [Read More]
A NASA scheme to send millions of people's names on missions to Mars has been hijacked by pranksters. More than 11 million were on board rover... [Read More]
IT'S A freezing, hellish landscape blanketed by deadly radiation and populated entirely by one-ton robots – and now you can send your name to the... [Read More]
ELON Musk has revealed that a SpaceX rocket designed to take humans to Mars could take to the skies in the coming days. In a... [Read More]
NASA has revealed the first ever audio recording and footage from its Mars Perseverance rover after a dramatic landing on the Red Planet. The $2.4billion... [Read More]
NASA will today reveal footage of its Perseverance Mars rover touching down on the Red Planet. The $2.4billion robot landed last week after enduring "seven... [Read More]
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