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Vortex's latest Prism sight comes in swinging as the Spitfire HD Gen 2. Today we are looking at the 3X model and seeing how it... [Read More]
◀Previous Post Next Post Coming Soon...▶ You, yes you, think you can defend yourself and your family but you can't. And you won't have to... [Read More]
◀Previous Post By Larry Keane Gun control groups want to study gun owners like some sort of caged laboratory animal. They want to poke and... [Read More]
◀Previous Post I love new guns! Yet somehow I'm only now learning about the PX9 as the Gen 2 flavor is being released. The Turkish-made... [Read More]
◀Previous Post Next Post▶ The following comes from NSSF. It's an internal memo describing ATF's new push to regulate licensed FFLs more strictly: NSSF has learned... [Read More]
◀Previous Post Next Post Coming Soon...▶ Nikki Fried serves as the one and only state-level Democrat in office in Florida. Today she announced that she... [Read More]
The Jericho 941 series of pistols are an interesting design with a fascinating history. From Anime to Baby Eagles the Jericho series is expansive. [Read More]
◀Previous Post Talk about non-typical. Scoring the rack on a buck like this isn't exactly straightforward. In fact, it took a five-and-a-half hour measuring session... [Read More]
It boggles the mind but, somehow, despite being in Fort Worth, Texas, an aggrieved party-goer managed to open fire on an apparently (not to mention... [Read More]
David Chipman finds it "frustrating" that he can't take away your 2nd Amendment rights because of your 1st Amendment rights …. Do NOT let this... [Read More]
I still remember coming of age as a shooter when the polymer revolution happened. I went from shooting K-Frame S&W Revolvers and Beretta Wonder-Nines to... [Read More]
Highway Patrol Trooper Timothy Norman, 47, of Browns Summit, NC, allegedly made a practice of selling ex-police firearms, sometimes directly from the trunk of his... [Read More]
Baen Books has released Mike Kupari's latest novel, The Family Business. It's a dystopian (perhaps post-apocalyptic*) tale of a Federal "Recovery Agent" on the job... [Read More]
"There is a massive loophole in California," said San Francisco Supervisor Catherine Stefani, who authored the bill. "It's very scary." Yeah that's not a "loophole."... [Read More]
At a closed meeting with dozens of community groups late last month, [Chicago Mayor Lori] Lightfoot said progress was being made but acknowledged there was... [Read More]
◀Previous Post So true, so true. Hunters, gatherers, men, women, condiments, etc.   ◀Previous Post... [Read More]
Heh. Solid dad joke right there.  ... [Read More]
◀Previous Post If you've read our gear reviews, you've read about Olight's weapon lights and combination light/lasers. Olight's latest is the new BALDR S Tactical... [Read More]
Polarization. Misinformation. Bigotry. Racism. All fuel the growing threat of domestic extremism in the United States. But a top White House official says there's one... [Read More]
A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes . . . Are Americans preparing for a civil war? I hear this question raised by people... [Read More]
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