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Alex Rodriguez has been accused of racketeering and civil theft, the latest step in a years-long legal battle with his former brother-in-law... [Read More]
Veteran Spanish actor Javier Cámara took the role in "El Olvido Que Seremos" because he wanted to show a different side of Colombia. [Read More]
Journalists are alarmed by an ongoing spate of Twitter references to journalists as "soft targets" during the inauguration. [Read More]
James Murdoch said that the amplification of disinformation by some media groups has played a role in the Capitol Hill riot last week. [Read More]
Following Don Lemon's "confession," he and Chris Cuomo couldn't hold it in any longer and busted out laughing... [Read More]
"It was dark and joyful at the same time," Frias says of the slowed-down cumbia music that becomes a teen crew's cultural anthem... [Read More]
The Ottawa Senators saluted a beloved fellow Canadian, late "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek, before their season-opening game... [Read More]
Shonda Rhimes lays out a lot of possible suspects throughout Season 1... [Read More]
On 'Real Time," Bill Maher channels Dr. Seuss to ring in Donald Trump's exit from the White House in a parody of "Oh! The Place... [Read More]
The TV ads in the first two episodes of "WandaVision" aren't just fun references -- they're going to be crucial to the story in some... [Read More]
Comedian and Trump impersonation impresario Sarah Cooper called the president a "petty bitch" for his plans to skip Joe Biden's inauguration. [Read More]
Some critics say the Netflix drama doesn't go far enough in its exploration of race in Regency-era London... [Read More]
"Godzilla Vs Kong," the Warner Bros. and Legendary monster epic, will now open March 26, moving up two months from its planned release... [Read More]
Reactions to the news of the NRA filing for bankrucpty ranged from celebratory to relieved. [Read More]
The fake TV commercials in "WandaVision" aren't just fun references -- they're going to be crucial to the story in some way... [Read More]
Check out Jim Carrey's latest political cartoon -- this one is of Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump's "cartoonishly evil" sidekicks... [Read More]
In an Oscars rule change, an executive panel won't be naming three films from the International category to go on the nominations shortlist. [Read More]
As far as we know, there are no children in Westview. So what does the ominous line in "WandaVision" really mean? [Read More]
Derek Kolstad recently co-wrote Disney+ series "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" [Read More]
Entertainment One (eOne) has tapped "John Wick" writer Derek Kolstad to develop a "Dungeons & Dragons" TV-series pitch. [Read More]
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