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Criticism of President Obama isn't racist, just well-deserved. His signature accomplishment was a cleverly named tax that didn't save Americans $2,500 a year as promised... [Read More]
President Trump's critics consider him to be crude, self-centered, pathologically dishonest and childishly vindictive. Of course he is, but for some reason nearly half of... [Read More]
Editorial cartoons for the week of Feb. 17. [Read More]
Mallard Fillmore cartoons for the week of Feb. 17. [Read More]
People love to see a great house. HGTV is popular for a reason. People want to see what other people's houses look like, and what... [Read More]
Both political parties showed the worst of already loathed politicians during the impeachment debacle. It never had a chance of succeeding. It really boiled down... [Read More]
Regarding Bob Bauder's article "Draft plan calls for more bike lanes in Pittsburgh" (Feb. 11 TribLIVE): Dogs pee on trees and those alert bicycle enthusiasts... [Read More]
Lori Falce's column "The black and white of guns" (Jan. 21, TribLIVE) starts out lumping seven hot topics with gun rights/control as having "gray area"... [Read More]
Outdoors Notices RIFLE LEAGUES • In the Allegheny Valley Rifle League on Feb. 7, Murrysville (7-7) defeated Butler (8-6), 1,169-1,160, in the A-team standings. In... [Read More]
COVID-19 is coming to town. You are forgiven if you don't immediately place the name. It's gone through a number of changes in recent weeks.... [Read More]
The impeachment "trial" in the Senate was always a foregone conclusion based on the numbers. In my opinion, the reason Republicans didn't want to hear... [Read More]
Regarding Oren Spiegler's letter "Jesus, Democrats & Republicans" (Jan. 25, TribLIVE): I just returned from heaven and a long talk with God. He informed me... [Read More]
Dear Nancy, I served this country for over 20 years in uniform under both Republican and Democratic leaders. Many presidents and speakers have come and... [Read More]
They call it brain drain. It's the harsh truth that Pennsylvania kids can't afford to stay in Pennsylvania when they get higher education, and it... [Read More]
The following is a letter to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul: Dear Sen. Paul, I read a recent Washington Examiner editorial which included comments you made... [Read More]
A letter to U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey: It is obvious to me and many of your constituents why the Republican Senate voted against having additional... [Read More]
Lance: To keeping secrets. Every day, there are lawsuits that are sealed for a variety of reasons. On Tuesday, sealed paperwork was filed in Allegheny... [Read More]
On the same day the letter "Trump haters should be mindful of facts" (Jan. 17, TribLIVE) appeared, there was an article headlined "White House considers... [Read More]
Those who worship Hillary Clinton just never give up. Letter-writer Paul Messich ("Voters wanted Hillary Clinton as president," Jan. 17, TribLIVE) knows that we don't... [Read More]
Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett again alleged on Thursday that Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph used a racial slur to ignite a brawl during a... [Read More]
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