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Opinion: With virtual reality poised to take over our work and our lives, many companies are still using an archaic technology to find and hire... [Read More]
Can you still spank your child in Idaho? [Read More]
Opinion: Now, I'm told, we're entering Culture Wars 2.0, with the new targets being the utterly-not-ready-for-prime-time battlegrounds known as our local school boards. [Read More]
Opinion: President Joe Biden went to Atlanta Tuesday to push for passage of what Democrats hail as "voting rights" legislation. [Read More]
Congratulations to these families! [Read More]
Searches and candlelight vigils were held, reward money raised, posters and message boards popped up asking people to help bring Tiffani home. Two years later... [Read More]
Opinion: In its ranking of business values, corporate America proudly provides a special place for elevated moral behavior. That place is the trash can. [Read More]
Recommendations from the Biden administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention seem to change weekly regarding coronavirus precautions. Americans are justifiably confused and are... [Read More]
In late December, the Voice of America reported that Hong Kong's Dec. 19, 2021, election had "almost completely eliminated pro-democracy voices from the former British... [Read More]
Opinion: Along with fellow U.S. Senator for Idaho Jim Risch, I was proud to support the FY 2022 NDAA when the U.S. Senate passed this... [Read More]
You could save some money by visiting the parks on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. [Read More]
Charley Astle set up a GoFundMe to help pay for therapy and additional expenses Rick Astle's family might face. Within 24 hours the community helped... [Read More]
Facebook ... [Read More]
Letter:... [Read More]
Opinion: "Chaos is the new norm after years of Idaho's single-party politics. Idaho businesses are suffering as a result. The encouraging news is that it's... [Read More]
Gov. Brad Little pitched highlights of his proposed budget Friday at the College of Southern Idaho. [Read More]
Facebook ... [Read More]
Jim Jones: Idaho has an historic $1.6 billion revenue surplus, much of which can and should be used to finally satisfy the Legislature's constitutional duty... [Read More]
This is the pulse-pounding moment a young giraffe chased a vehicle full of safari enthusiasts in a nature reserve in South Africa. [Read More]
There is a stunning lesson to be learned from this grassland fire: We have little control over wind-whipped grasslands fires once they get going. All... [Read More]
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