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Just in case you didn't already think the business of video games is massive. [Read More]
The NPD has released it December 2021 report and it finds Switch and Call of Duty: Vanguard topping the hardware and software charts, respectively. [Read More]
It's unclear at the moment what role Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick will play once the deal with Microsoft goes through. [Read More]
It's possible some Activision Blizzard games will remain available to PlayStation users, but some content may become exclusive to Xbox. [Read More]
If you want some easy XP, the feed Klomberries to a Klombo quest is a good way to get it... [Read More]
Prepare for shenanigans... [Read More]
Activision has let go a number of employees over misconduct allegations, the number of which was to be made public, but held back by CEO... [Read More]
Roll7's open world take on the 2D skating game is a proper little skateboarding gem that any Tony Hawk's fan would be foolish to miss... [Read More]
Now that Microsoft is holding the reigns, here's what we'd love to see following one of the craziest deals in games. [Read More]
The latest games coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass have been posted a bit early it seems. [Read More]
In one of the biggest acquisition announcements the industry has ever seen, Microsoft has outlined its plans to purchase Activision Blizzard... [Read More]
AGDQ 2022 is over now, and as ever, the seven-day speedrunning marathon played host to some of the best moments you're liable to see in... [Read More]
Parts of the Warzone community are certain that the damage of inhumanly-accurate players is being nerfed to the ground. [Read More]
Capcom's latest Monster Hunter game saw a very successful Steam launch – but it didn't even come close to Monster Hunter World's launch... [Read More]
One of last year's low-key big reveals gets new details. [Read More]
Unsurprisingly, God of War has overtaken Horizon Zero Dawn, and Days Gone on Steam in every way. [Read More]
Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries is "focused on reducing pricing" on store items, per the studio's head of design... [Read More]
Respawn Entertainment creative director Mohammad Alavi has left the company. [Read More]
Techland plans to support Dying Light 2 for a long time after its initial drop on February 4. [Read More]
A PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends could be coming soon, if PSN data is correct. [Read More]
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