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De scouts is gigantisch populair in België. Alleen in Thailand en Indonesië ligt de verhouding scouts/bevolking nog hoger dan bij ons. [Read More]
Vrouwelijke gamers worden vaak geseksualiseerd, maar ze willen gewoon met rust gelaten en hun games kunnen spelen – net zoals iedereen. [Read More]
Skateboarding, surfing, climbing, parkour, and breakdancing were gaining power in their own right—but once the IOC got involved, everything got very complicated. [Read More]
The two-time kayaking silver medallist was arrested after trying to bring $200m worth of coke into Australia on an inflatable boat. [Read More]
Now that a swath of the Amazon has turned into a carbon emitter, a new study takes stock of the devastating events that made it... [Read More]
Haiti's president was brutally murdered in early July. As the beleaguered nation's official power brokers tussle for position, slumlord Barbecue is planning his next move. [Read More]
Those fleeing domestic as well as gang violence now have a greater chance of being granted asylum in the United States, thanks to recent changes... [Read More]
The world's most famous festival turned cultural phenomenon is canceled for the second year in a row. What will rise to fill the Technicolor void... [Read More]
That's more than twice his salary as a U.S. senator. [Read More]
The Wikileaks founder's naturalisation letter was full of inconsistencies according to the Ecuadorian authorities. [Read More]
« De celui qui croit avoir compris les guerres du Liban, on peut à coup sûr dire qu'il n'a rien compris. »... [Read More]
« Dans les loges, les artistes rentrent petit à petit dans un personnage et c'est toute leur gestuelle qui change. C'est cette transformation que je... [Read More]
Heißt das, er steht nicht mehr auf mich? Was soll ich tun, wenn er es unseren Freunden sagen möchte? Und was, wenn er Sex mit... [Read More]
In 2001, the director of 'Kids' released a misunderstood cult classic. Here, Clark, his cast and creative team reflect upon its making. [Read More]
In the hit-or-miss world of internet humour, accounts that offer up internal dread and idiocy like @on_a_downward_spiral are the only way forward. [Read More]
Spiritualiteit, identiteit en gewoon heel veel mooie dingen. [Read More]
The man is just too wholesome! [Read More]
Broadcasters who regularly share obscure facts about athletes are getting their pronouns wrong. [Read More]
The highly contagious Delta variant is driving another wave of COVID infections, hospitalizations, and death. [Read More]
"The unprecedented nature of January 6th demands this unprecedented decision," Pelosi said in a statement. [Read More]
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