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Crowds came out to protest against government plans to roll back proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. [Read More]
The newly formed union put out 'Exitos Varios,' a 15-track LP from essential underground artists, just in time for Bandcamp Friday. [Read More]
Defunding the police isn't a distraction from organising mass numbers of people to fight the climate emergency. It's part of the same theory of change... [Read More]
Unsurprisingly, people did not observe the "no shouting" rule. [Read More]
VICE News analysis shows that, by leaving their lights on overnight, buildings in the financial district are also pumping 3,260 tons of carbon dioxide into... [Read More]
For starters, 71 percent of all global carbon emissions come from just 100 companies. [Read More]
By all means go vegan and give up flying, but until we force institutional change, nothing's getting better. [Read More]
A UBC nursing student is suing the RCMP after she was violently detained during a mental health call. [Read More]
The Staten Island duo's scam rap screamer was a landmark moment in relations between London and New York drill scenes. This is their story. [Read More]
This is one of the largest bitcoin transactions ever. [Read More]
"The youth will increasingly be a force to be reckoned with worldwide, shaping digital politics." [Read More]
YouTube structurally prioritizes audience feedback, which can drive content-makers to promote conspiracy theories or hate. [Read More]
In a novel investigative strategy, rather than just following the money, investigators went undercover as someone converting Bitcoin into cash, exploiting a financial bottleneck faced... [Read More]
Was it simply a catastrophically expensive mistake, or something more nefarious? The mining pool is holding on to the fee in case the sender speaks... [Read More]
The Open Technology Fund has previously given money to all sorts of internet freedom projects. [Read More]
History backs up the claim that wizards are cleaner than muggles. [Read More]
It's not just her blatant transphobia on Twitter. As the trans community has been saying for years, Rowling's transphobia is obvious in her writing, too. [Read More]
With pubs reopening and the nation collectively getting the bag in, here's what you need to remember. [Read More]
She allegedly "enticed minor girls, got them to trust her, then developed them into the trap that she and Epstein had set for them." [Read More]
Everyone's doing it. Why not me? [Read More]
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