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"This was a group of people (whose) whole intent was to cause terror and loot," advised Fairfield police Lt. Jausiah Jacobsen on Tuesday. "These are... [Read More]
More than 100 people could be seen peacefully marching down West Texas Street in Fairfield, signs in hand, to protest police brutality and kneel in... [Read More]
Halfway through a protest for Black Lives Matter at the Vallejo waterfront on Tuesday afternoon, the sprinklers came on near a good portion of the... [Read More]
Dave Phinney didn't just turn lemons into lemonade. He turned bourbon, whiskey and rye into hand sanitizer. Sure, not exactly a fair trade to some.... [Read More]
Canceling appearances by entertainers has been part of the daily routine for Solano County venue management since the nation's headline act has been COVID-19. It's... [Read More]
Just like being a senior in high school, going through eighth grade is a paramount step for a student. The eighth-graders who participate in the... [Read More]
In light of the May 30 looting and damage to Vallejo, Mayor Bob Sampayan decided not to impose a curfew on Sunday, May 31. This... [Read More]
People from inner cities to suburban neighborhoods are grappling with outrage and frustration brought on by generations of oppression and the recent police killing of... [Read More]
This curfew, while I'm sure it comes with the best of intentions, feels like a passive escalation rather than dealing with how our city's citizens... [Read More]
Wearing a mask is not about some wimpy fear of getting the coronavirus. It is about preventing you from giving it to others (family, friends).... [Read More]
First: We have stayed home for almost three months and the remaining confusion and anger is a direct result of Mr. Trump being too vein... [Read More]
It was Monday, May 25 — another day trying to deal with a virus that has in five months taken more lives than the Vietnam... [Read More]
Despite a citywide curfew that began at 8 p.m. on Monday night, Vallejo was the setting for numerous acts of violence and looting that stretched... [Read More]
Some health experts warn tear gas could "increase risk for COVID-19 by making the respiratory tract more susceptible to infection, exacerbating existing inflammation, and inducing... [Read More]
As cities around the Bay Area impose curfews, responding to looting, vandalism and violence, people gathered again Monday to protest the killing of George Floyd. [Read More]
The city-wide curfew will last from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. and will remain in effect until further notice, the city said in a press... [Read More]
Three days after announcing the city of Vallejo's council chambers would be open to the public during the council's all day budget session, the city... [Read More]
Thomas Bilbo was never one to discourage attendees at the annual Pride flag raising at Vallejo City Hall. In a pandemic, however, he'll make an... [Read More]
Vallejo police deployed tear gas and arrested seven individuals as more than 100 protesters demonstrated in the city, demanding justice for the killing of George... [Read More]
A day after Vallejo police skirmished with protesters outside police headquarters, it was a relatively quiet night for the city, Vallejo Mayor Bob Sampayan told... [Read More]
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