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With global hunger projected to increase dramatically this year as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, humanitarian relief experts are calling on the U.S. government... [Read More]
"The Joe Rogan Experience" is headed to Spotify. [Read More]
"Batwoman" star Ruby Rose has left the show after one season playing its titular vigilante. [Read More]
After more than two months of shuttered storefronts, empty restaurants and deserted offices, Clark County is poised to take a very cautious initial step toward... [Read More]
On Day Two of the San Francisco Bay Area's stay-at-home orders in March, Nohemi Jimenez got into her car in San Pablo, Calif., waved goodbye... [Read More]
Ever since the novel coronavirus pandemic began, Clark County's three free clinics have had serious concerns for their patients. [Read More]
When Suzanne Collins' "Mockingjay" was published a decade ago, Books of Wonder owner Peter Glassman put on a show: a late-night celebration for hundreds at... [Read More]
Memorial Day is an annual reminder of Americans' willingness to sacrifice for their country. By honoring military members who have died while serving the United... [Read More]
The pandemic is a crisis so broad and severe that repercussions will continue for generations. Comparisons to world wars, the flu pandemic of 1918 and... [Read More]
It was May 18, 1980, and I received a phone call from my husband, Cecil, a merchant mariner captain who had been at sea for... [Read More]
Advice, like youth, is probably wasted on the young. [Read More]
The stay-at-home order is difficult for everyone, but it may be difficult for women in different ways. Many women are working full time at home... [Read More]
The coronavirus has impacted every aspect of our daily lives. We wait and hope for a return to some sense of normalcy. We are cautiously... [Read More]
Quarantine fatigue is bringing an end to our lockdown, whether we're ready or not. [Read More]
In a way, it's still winter — at least when it comes to the seasonal shelter system. Some wintertime shelter facilities in Clark County remain... [Read More]
I recently discovered a television show on The Animal Planet channel called "The Zoo." [Read More]
How are you enduring this cool weather? High temperatures the past few days have been disappointing for mid-May. I mean, when it can't even get... [Read More]
People in Business... [Read More]
Nearly 50 years ago, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association instituted a baseball state playoff system for its four classifications. The timing was perfect in small-town... [Read More]
Janeth Sotelo doesn't buy garlic at the grocery store. She doesn't buy onions or tomatillos. And she definitely, absolutely doesn't buy tomatoes. Why would she,... [Read More]
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