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sNEWSi is a stream of NEWS on the internet. It's NEW stuff on the internet. Pronounced ssNEWSee.

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From the return of Saved by the Bell to the latest work from master filmmaker Steve McQueen to an animated take on a notorious Star... [Read More]
Become a walking tone poem to the Scottish Highlands and Clueless. [Read More]
Appearing out of character on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Baron Cohen also invoked Jeffrey Epstein while mocking the president. [Read More]
Keith Raniere, the unapologetic leader of the cult group, which ensnared its (mostly female) members through its gospel of empowerment through submission, faces life in... [Read More]
After a series of wild, potentially dangerous bashes in Los Angeles, the city is cracking down on some social media superstars. [Read More]
The perfume publisher, whose new book is out this month, explains why Basic Instinct's Sharon Stone and Carnal Flower share a like-minded charge. [Read More]
The social media giant is reportedly prepping the same measures it used in Sri Lanka and Myanmar to throttle misinformation in the U.S. after November... [Read More]
Even if he loses, the action could sabotage a Biden administration indefinitely. [Read More]
The character he'll play in a new Disney+ series has a complex history. [Read More]
The royal couple is hiring someone to clean up Kensington Palace. [Read More]
The polls have been more stable than four years ago and the president is underperforming, says Dave Wasserman. Though the race may tighten in the... [Read More]
Ahead of his sentencing on Tuesday, the NXIVM leader's lawyers have said he has no remorse. [Read More]
Walk down Chrystie Street and you can't miss it— Dutch gables, with Eastern African beading courtesy of recycled cans. [Read More]
The president's chief of staff said the quiet part out loud: The administration isn't "going to control the pandemic." [Read More]
He said this while trying to argue that Black people should vote for Donald Trump. [Read More]
She added that she isn't open to finding love again just yet as she doesn't think she's fully recovered from her last marriage. [Read More]
Plus, another "fake Melania" sighting gets in under the wire. [Read More]
The network, which has long downplayed the threat of COVID-19 in their coverage, is reportedly taking the pandemic more seriously now that their staff has... [Read More]
His lawyers accused the Mail on Sunday of publishing a "false and defamatory" article about his relationship with the British Armed Forces. [Read More]
"The Great British Baking Show," "Sister Sister," "Love Island," "The West Wing," and more favorites to calm your jangly nerves. [Read More]
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