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Kellam defeats Cox during a wrestling meet at Frank W. Cox high school... [Read More]
Huff and Hauser both score 21 points - a career-high for Huff - and the Cavaliers make 14 of 31 shots from 3-point range... [Read More]
Selected ODU courses will resume face-to-face learning on Feb. 1. Other courses that are planned to resume in-person will remain online until Feb. 15. [Read More]
Cartoon by David Horsey for Jan. 26, 2021. [Read More]
Health experts have warned that the more contagious and possibly more deadly variant sweeping through Britain will probably become the dominant source of infection in... [Read More]
Melvin A. Eggleston is facing charges and is being held in Norfolk City Jail with no bond. [Read More]
Generous portions, exquisite okra niblets, cornbread and more. The mac and cheese? Well, Mom's will always win out. [Read More]
Outer Banks Seafood Company offers take-home steamer pots of everything you'd need for a low-country boil: shells, red bliss potatoes, sweet onions and local corn. [Read More]
The driver of the vehicle remained on the scene following the 1:30 a.m. crash on Sunday, police said. [Read More]
Matt Shorrock started his business, American Figure Milling, in January 2020 after being medically discharged from the U.S. Navy following 13 years of service. [Read More]
T-Mobile has started offering its LTE home internet service in the city, where Cox has long been the dominant broadband and cable provider. [Read More]
Three panelists provided a webinar about the benefits of and best practices for remote work during and after the pandemic. [Read More]
This River Star groups helps to lead the community in environmental stewardship through exceptional results in pollution prevention and wildlife habitat — and it mentors... [Read More]
The 405 "oyster blocks" installed during the July 2020 event were just part of the base's continual wildlife habitat enhancements, from planting native trees, shrubs... [Read More]
Achievement Level River Stars document significant results in both pollution prevention and wildlife habitat. [Read More]
Lady Fern's on North Colley, which is dedicated to stocking native plants, harvests rain, composts and re-uses planting containers. [Read More]
For the firm's 130th anniversary, the team planted 130 trees at multiple locations, including the Elizabeth River Trail and James Monroe Elementary School. [Read More]
Last October, residents and staff collected 2,700 pounds of debris from the shoreline. The Retreat built an elevated walkway over the constructed wetlands for the... [Read More]
The nonprofit works to place greenspace along the Elizabeth in conservation forever. [Read More]
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