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Voting rights during the pandemic are in deep trouble thanks to this Supreme Court. [Read More]
July Fourth usually signals the biggest movie weekend of the summer. Luckily, there's still plenty to watch. [Read More]
Hamilton is an impossibly slippery text. The arguments over the show are part of what make it great. [Read More]
The 213-volume series was built on the pleasures of repetition. Netflix's new TV series will continue its legacy. [Read More]
A growing number of gadgets are scanning your face. [Read More]
Economists see the uncertainty as devastating for state budgets. [Read More]
Harvard political theorist Danielle Allen discusses the American founding, prison abolition, and the future of democracy. [Read More]
QAnon started on an obscure internet forum. Now its supporters are running for Congress. [Read More]
The Russian leader got his popular mandate, but he might not be as powerful as a referendum makes him sound. [Read More]
"It's really the first time that I had a genuine feeling that I would be arrested just because of speaking aloud a slogan or holding... [Read More]
After the boycott of Facebook, Reid Hoffman thinks maybe it's time for a boycott of Trump. [Read More]
Maxwell's arrest is a chance for victims to get a measure of justice. [Read More]
"Any one of us could unknowingly be a superspreader." [Read More]
The proposed rule would allow shelters to ignore a trans person's gender identity and house them according to their birth-assigned sex. [Read More]
Turbulent reopenings and partisan mask wars have only highlighted the nation's preoccupation with personal liberty above all — even a deadly pandemic. [Read More]
Demands for justice are widespread and only continue to grow. [Read More]
Black activism and Buddhist mindfulness share a fascinating history — and future. [Read More]
Now streaming on Disney+, the movie underlines what makes the Broadway musical radical. [Read More]
and riskiest - way to see friends, take a trip, or get spiffed up? We talked to experts to find out. [Read More]
The Latino vote offers a roadmap for what a Trump comeback could look like. [Read More]
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