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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
sNEWSi is a stream of NEWS on the internet. It's NEW stuff on the internet. Pronounced ssNEWSee.

No filter bubbles here. sNEWSi is agnostic.

Thanks, I got it.
Legends Never Die, indeed. [Read More]
"There's some hoes in this house." [Read More]
It's appropriately melodramatic, paying tribute to the poets of the Lake District. [Read More]
The film reunites Kaluuya with his Get Out co-star LaKeith Stanfield. [Read More]
And by essential workers we do mean mask-wearing strippers. [Read More]
There are people who refuse to admit they're wrong and then there is Dorinda. [Read More]
Nobody puts Baby in a corner… again. [Read More]
Because America famously doesn't have enough singing competition television shows…... [Read More]
The makeup influencer subtweeted the launch of Keys's beauty brand. [Read More]
With updated release dates where available. [Read More]
For all its raucous pleasures, the new animated series maintains an ironic posture at odds with what made this franchise great. [Read More]
Production is currently stalled in Vancouver over testing concerns. [Read More]
Now here's a Paul the Stones have no beef with. [Read More]
The 1993 adaptation is one of the best children's movies ever made. We don't talk about it, or director Agnieszka Holland, enough. [Read More]
"I don't know who you are, you don't need to worry about me." [Read More]
They also discuss farts and buttholes. [Read More]
Three writers wonder: Is 2020 the end of the end of laughing out loud at the cinema? [Read More]
That hair is full of secrets. [Read More]
Rounding up our favorite comedy podcast episodes of the week. [Read More]
Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins is 14 years old and ready to protest. [Read More]
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