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The driver of the SUV is a 19 year-old woman. A 12-year-old boy and a 16-year old girl were passengers. [Read More]
Traffic Alerts for Jan. 27, 2021. [Read More]
The post includes three photos showing off the singer's baby bump. [Read More]
A man walking away from the Cape Haze Convenience Store on Placida Road dropped his wallet in the parking lot and didn't notice on Jan.... [Read More]
According to law enforcement, Ricks would have the student come to his classroom where he would sexually abuse them in a closet. Another student and... [Read More]
When the school threw them in the dumpster, parents like April Esposito were shocked. After seeing what had happened, she took to facebook, and with... [Read More]
Aubrey's donations have gone to local horse, bunny and bird rescues. Norma Rodriguez, who runs SWFL Birds of a Feather Rescue and Rehabilitation, received $167... [Read More]
Millions want to know: who's up next and when can they get the vaccine? [Read More]
Lee County and the Florida Department of Health will continue offering second shots Thursday for people who have made reservations. [Read More]
He demanded money and pizza. Out of fear, the delivery driver sped away without giving him either. [Read More]
Lehigh Acres fire crews are trained annually to battle brush fires. And every year, they do. Fires that creep dangerously close to peoples homes. [Read More]
We've all seen rainbows before, either in person or in photos. But have you ever seen, or heard of, a 'fogbow?'... [Read More]
An investigation found that the business was fake and had no employees. [Read More]
Sanders' mittens were made by Jen Ellis, a Vermont elementary school teacher who has a side business making mittens out of recycled wool. [Read More]
There has been an uptick in car thefts across the United States recently. [Read More]
If anyone could sell patriotism in 2 minutes, it was Whitney Houston. [Read More]
The city clerk said while they are grateful, 200 doses is not enough for everyone who currently meets vaccination qualifications in the area. [Read More]
Seventy-seven percent of their ventilators and 10% of their ICU rooms are currently available for use. Lee Health has 13 COVID-19 patients on ventilators and... [Read More]
The latest report from FWC shows that only one sample tested high for Karenia brevis, the organism that causes red tide. [Read More]
An attempt the launch jet skis ended with a car submerged in the Caloosahatchee River Wednesday, the Fort Myers Fire Department reported. [Read More]
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