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Vaccine hesitant or a denier altogether -- the state is doing what it can to encourage these people to get the COVID-19 shot. [Read More]
The Maryland Big Tree program found the University has nine Champion Trees in its arboretum. ... [Read More]
A local trial for outpatient treatments for COVID-19 is now available through UPMC. [Read More]
Felita Dobbins said she was on the brink of being hired by Home Depot until she disclosed her medical marijuana registry identification card issued by... [Read More]
Recycling is key on Earth Day and everyday but you need to make sure you are recycling right. [Read More]
A Bladensburg police officer is charged in an assault that happened in early March in Baltimore County. ... [Read More]
In the past 20 years or so, there's been a big movement to use the Earth's natural filtration system to filter and naturally clean our... [Read More]
The state Department of Environmental Conservation says it has limited jurisdiction, but there could be enforcement. [Read More]
The programs have been closed for more than a year, causing many individuals to regress. [Read More]
Those who drive between New York and New Jersey may be wondering what's going on with the construction on the Geoge Washington Bridge, including when... [Read More]
To spank or not to spank? That is the age-old parenting question. [Read More]
Who doesn't love a good sandwich? If you're looking for some to crush that simply standout, look no further than Huda. [Read More]
A reversal of fortune for the self-proclaimed witch doctor who appeared to be linked to the disappearance of a missing mother from Georgia. [Read More]
The couple is are suing the therapist and the company. [Read More]
Fore the first time since Chicago rolled out the COVID-19 vaccine, the city's top doctor says there is an ample supply for everyone. ... [Read More]
Acting Mayor Kim Janey is responding to criticism after she released redacted files about a former Boston Police officer accused of child sexual abuse. [Read More]
The source of New York City tap water is roughly two hours north of the Big Apple and beyond, nestled in the bucolic countryside of... [Read More]
More than a thousand lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water in Florida that were nearly dried up have been restored thanks to a massive... [Read More]
Illinois Secretary of State offices have been experiencing problems for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and now a pilot program to cut down on... [Read More]
Dr. George Morris returns for Clarifying COVID, and answers questions on youth sports face masks, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine pause and what hospitals are... [Read More]
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