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Two bills brought before state lawmakers may permanently impact the way we buy beer and wine. In order to make it safer and easier to... [Read More]
It was just announced that four more Horry County middle schools will resume traditional learning! Aynor, Conway, Loris and Whittemore Park Middle Schools will revert... [Read More]
The Red Cross and Horry County officials are opening emergency shelters to aid those displaced by the recent floods. One shelter opened at the Horry... [Read More]
A three-vehicle crash along Highway 707 resulted in the death of an Horry County corrections officer. On Wednesday around 3 p.m., two motorcyclists were traveling... [Read More]
The Johnson and Johnson coronavirus vaccine will undergo a review from an independent FDA advisory committee today. The hope is their review will officially pave... [Read More]
The $1.9 trillion dollar coronavirus relief package is not the only bill the House has been focused on as just yesterday they also passed the... [Read More]
Also set for today is the House vote on the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill proposed by President Biden. The massive package is said to... [Read More]
Happening today: President Biden will visit the great state of Texas a week after they were hit by disastrous and deadly winter weather. Texas is... [Read More]
Audra gives a report on Carolina AM about when a military flyover muffles out her audio.  Greg and Audra pause for what they say is... [Read More]
President Biden ordered airstrikes on buildings in Syria yesterday evening in his first known use of military force. The strikes were ordered in retaliation for... [Read More]
A koala in Australia visited the dentist but not for a toothache.. 'Triumph'  was fitted with a prosthetic limb! The dentist, Jon Doulman, normally makes... [Read More]
Sure you've heard of naming cars but have you ever thought about naming snow plows? Scotland names there's! That's right their entire fleet has names... [Read More]
Police in Britain were called on reports of a 'suspicious package' that turned out to be a message in a bottle sent from the Adams... [Read More]
The reason why a guy was ordered to leave his apartment may surprise you. There had been a number of noise complaints filed against him... [Read More]
Saturday is National Strawberry Day.   A perfect way to start the weekend, Greg and Audra share their favorite strawberry recipes.  Audra shares a recipe for... [Read More]
There are two types of people when it comes to car maintenance.  There are people who take their car to the mechanic as soon as... [Read More]
Audra gives a report on weighted blankets when a military flyover muffles her mic.  She pauses for, "the sound of freedom." Weighted blankets have become... [Read More]
*All Subjects Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty... [Read More]
Patti Patti Hilton of Barefoot Bistro brings in a few of her best selling pick up and go items and how you can plan ahead... [Read More]
Greg and Audra start the morning with a strawberry shortcake from Chestnut Hill to celebrate national Strawberry Day Saturday.  The conversation leads into a talk... [Read More]
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