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Julia Child's bouillabaisse, a kind of Provencal fish chowder, uses local fish, creating a fresh dish that's bursting with flavor. [Read More]
In the midst of a historic pandemic, American voters will decide this fall whether President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden will lead... [Read More]
Ginsburg was a trailblazing woman on the bench, a defender of abortion rights and an inspiration to a generation of women lawyers. [Read More]
Baker appeared in an ad for Collins, who is facing a tough re-election fight in Maine. [Read More]
Amherst Public School parent Ellisha Walker sits down with Dan Lothian to share some of the inequities her child faces in the classroom as a... [Read More]
Reilly, Wintersmith, and Kadzis unpack what registered voters had to say. [Read More]
Wexler, now a law professor, tells us about what it was like to clerk for the late Supreme Court justice. [Read More]
Moderate Democrats may be key. [Read More]
American Repertory Theater Artistic Director Diane Paulus discusses the racial reckoning in the theaters around the country and accusations of racism against her while working... [Read More]
The school is testing its student-athletes more frequently for COVID than other students and staff, raising questions about its mission. [Read More]
In a recording for NPR Music Live Sessions, Lady HD performs "Inca Queen" live at NuevoFest 2019, recorded at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. [Read More]
In a recording for NPR Music Live Sessions, Kathleen Edwards performs "Options Open" live at Quitters Coffee, a coffee shop she opened in Stittsville, a... [Read More]
Washington state has been doing it for a decade. How do we stack up? [Read More]
Ten-year-old Aboriginal Dujuan is a child-healer and a good hunter and speaks three languages. Yet Dujuan is failing in school and facing increasing scrutiny from... [Read More]
Van Der Valk seems determined to convince me that Amsterdam is the coolest city in the world, and so far it's kinda working? This episode... [Read More]
Students at Harvard Law School continue to pay their respects at a growing memorial for the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. [Read More]
It Takes Two... [Read More]
The Coast Is Clean... [Read More]
Start of season comes as school struggles with Covid outbreak on campus... [Read More]
Listen to the full episode of Boston Public Radio from September 18, 2020. [Read More]
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