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Ford won't reopen plants by scheduled April dates as coronavirus outbreak continues... [Read More]
Five members of the Detroit Public Schools Community District have died due to coronavirus, superintendent says... [Read More]
A Macomb County patient was recently given a drug typically used for malaria that is showing positive results for beating COVID-19. [Read More]
Jim Santilli says the experimental drugs Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin brought him back from the brink.  The 38-year old was prescribed the drugs a little more... [Read More]
While we all deal with a global pandemic, the problems of the past remain like here in Michigan, its the damn roads. [Read More]
Dr. Jennifer Burgess joins us to talk COVID-19 myths and facts. [Read More]
"They didn't expect me to make it past the first week," he said, now speaking from the comfort of his own home. "I'm breathing room... [Read More]
Rob Nemeth is a COVID-19 survivor... [Read More]
Lansing insider Tim Skubick weighs in on the school year plan and what lawmakers may do. [Read More]
It was supposed to be opening day in Detroit, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there's no baseball. But some ardent fans still found ways... [Read More]
The TCF Center downtown Detroit will become a nearly 1,000-bed medical site as the state asks volunteers to step up. [Read More]
Fleece and Thank You is a nonprofit that makes blankets for kids in the hospital. Production is behind right now -- you can buy a... [Read More]
The order would allow all schools to remain closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, while no third grade students will be flunked for failure to read. ... [Read More]
Domestic incidents are up and Southfield Chief Elvin Barren weighs in on things survivors can do. [Read More]
Don't fall for these coronavirus related scams, says our expert. [Read More]
A garment company based in Pontiac is pitching in to help medical workers on the front line of COVID-19. [Read More]
Members of the Michigan National Guard have been called in to help four food banks in the state. [Read More]
A Riverview collision shop is switching gears amid the coronavirus crisis to help better protect doctors and nurses treating Covid-19 patients. [Read More]
ICU nurse Melissa Steiner recorded a Snapchat video following a 13-hour shift at work, breaking down over the "war zone" she witnessed. [Read More]
The city of Detroit is getting instant COVID-19 testing kits to be used for first responders and health workers. [Read More]
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