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Protests in Durham on Friday night come to a close and remain peaceful. Sheriff of Durham County said in a statement:"I support their right to... [Read More]
WRAL's Bryan Mims has an update on the protest and looting that is still going on in Fayetteville. [Read More]
After a day of peaceful protesting, looters broke windows at multiple businesses throughout downtown Raleigh. The CVS on Fayetteville Street had smashed windows and a... [Read More]
Nikaya Swain, an employee at the Dollar General (DGX) in downtown Raleigh shared her shock over hearing her place of employment was looted and set... [Read More]
Looters broke into JC Penney at Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville after hours of protesting the death of George Lloyd while in police custody. [Read More]
The Latest on the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who pleaded for air as a white police officer pressed a... [Read More]
A second Raleigh live camera of protests in the wake of the George Floyd death. [Read More]
Protesters set a fire in the Market House in Fayetteville on Saturday evening. Hours later, they have begun adding fuel to the flames, as well... [Read More]
WRAL-TV continues live coverage of George Floyd protests in the Triangle. [Read More]
A 29-year-old father drowned off Topsail Beach Friday afternoon while attempting to rescue his son and wife who were swept away in a rip current. [Read More]
Protesters have broken into a historic building in Fayetteville and set a fire. The Market House is a historic, iconic building in downtown. However, in... [Read More]
Over 1,000 protesters gathered in downtown Raleigh on Saturday afternoon and evening. Some protesters have remained peaceful; however, others have begun breaking windows, throwing things... [Read More]
WRAL-TV's live coverage of the protests in Raleigh, Durham and Fayetteville continues. [Read More]
As protesters march in cities around the country, some protests have remained peaceful, while others have grown violent. In Columbia, protesters are spray-painting, smashing and... [Read More]
After days of rain and storms bringing flooding potential, Saturday night also has a level 1 severe risk for parts of the state. [Read More]
Protests in Durham in the wake of the George Floyd death. [Read More]
Rapper J Cole was seen protesting along with hundreds of others in Fayetteville on Saturday afternoon. [Read More]
Mahalia Jones, who is an aunt of George Floyd, spoke with WRAL's Aaron Thomas about his death and the protests locally and around the country. [Read More]
Sky 5 is over protests in Raleigh in the wake of the George Floyd death. [Read More]
Protesters gather in downtown Raleigh in response to death of George Floyd while in police custody. [Read More]
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