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If you don't use a spoon or a dedicated tool to remove the flesh, there's a grisly side effect dubbed avocado-hand. It's 'the perfect set-up... [Read More]
If you use a knife instead of a spoon or dedicated tool to remove the flesh, there may be a grisly side effect to your... [Read More]
The Air Raid offense was always doubted in the NFL for being too extreme. Then it produced Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs embraced its principles. [Read More]
The Super Bowl is still nearly a week away, but hotel owners around the host city of Miami are already scoring big with room rates... [Read More]
Kraft Heinz's Planters brand apologized for distributing prayer candles for Mr. Peanut as part of its Super Bowl campaign about the mascot's death and said... [Read More]
Planters is evaluating next steps for its Super Bowl campaign in which its mascot, Mr. Peanut, dies. ... [Read More]
The Chiefs came back in two straight playoff games. The 49ers had the most fourth-quarter comebacks during the season. In the pass-happy NFL, crazier swings... [Read More]
The snacks we're craving now are pure nostalgia, served up simply. Together, these recipes make an unstoppable Super Bowl Sunday lineup... [Read More]
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