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Pete Buttigieg leads the 2020 Democratic presidential field in Iowa, leapfrogging over Elizabeth Warren, according to a new poll. [Read More]
The whistleblower whose complaint about President Trump's communications with Ukraine launched House impeachment proceedings is still attending White House meetings, according to the Washington Post. [Read More]
The oldest operating charity in New York is set to take a historic vote on whether to allow female membership after 235 years of being... [Read More]
A top Pence aide was greatly concerned by what she heard during the phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. [Read More]
Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy slammed President Trump for tweeting disparaging messages about former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch saying his messages made him... [Read More]
Police found over two dozen children hidden behind a false wall at a day care center as they were responding to a complaint that the... [Read More]
A Border Patrol agent shot and wounded a Russian man suspected of crossing the border illegally into Arizona, the agency said Friday. [Read More]
Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign manager, is seven months into a four-year jail sentence for financial fraud. Michael Flynn, who was previously President Trump's national... [Read More]
Mark Sandy, a senior career official at the Office of Management and Budget, broke with White House ranks and testified in House Democrats' impeachment proceedings... [Read More]
Attorney General William Barr accused Democrats of waging a "scorched earth, no-holds-barred war" against President Trump to "sabotage" his presidency. [Read More]
The New York prison guards who were on duty when Jeffrey Epstein died could face criminal charges from the Justice Department after they turned down... [Read More]
Some "yellow vest" protesters in Paris marked the one-year anniversary of their organization by leaving pro-democracy messages for Hong Kong on a Bank of China... [Read More]
John Dean, the former White House counsel to Richard Nixon, ripped into President Trump, saying he should have been impeachment on day one of stepping... [Read More]
If you get caught with untaxed or — gasp — flavored vaping products in Massachusetts, the cops might soon be able to seize your car. [Read More]
In a government building in Ames, Iowa, more than 130 scientists, inspectors, and analysts stand on the front lines of countless overlapping and urgent public... [Read More]
President Trump and Elizabeth Warren may be mortal political enemies, but the populist pair have more in common than either they — or their legions... [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama warned his party that it's pushing too far left too fast, saying the average American supports our current political and economic... [Read More]
More evidence that President Trump is acting as Putin's poodle comes with news late this week that Russia is now taking over a key U.S.... [Read More]
Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile took delight in Roger Stone being found guilty. [Read More]
Sen. Josh Hawley gets it badly wrong in his efforts to regulate Facebook and other tech companies. But Hawley has nailed it on the growing... [Read More]
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