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Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear signed into law Friday a bill that requires school resource officers to carry a firearm. [Read More]
Justice Sonia Sotomayor said she is concerned the Supreme Court is going out of its way to help the Trump administration. [Read More]
Rep. Devin Nunes vowed to expand his lawsuit against Fusion GPS on Saturday, a day after a federal court dismissed the California Republican's racketeering conspiracy... [Read More]
The Nevada caucuses are off to a shaky start as the state Democratic Party says it's short on volunteers to help run the third nominating... [Read More]
Fox News host Laura Ingraham chastised the Democratic Party's leadership after officials in Nevada refused to promise they would be able to announce a winner... [Read More]
Republicans say the record number of GOP candidates who filed to run for Congress this cycle point to the Democrats' "socialist agenda" and "impeachment obsession"... [Read More]
A onetime deputy to former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn said she was "traumatized" by special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators. [Read More]
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fired back at critics who lambasted the lawmaker for wearing a designer dress during a high-profile appearance on ABC. [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont reportedly berated NBC and MSNBC executives ahead of last week's presidential debate, complaining about the network's coverage of his campaign. [Read More]
A former U.S. ambassador said he can't recall Joe Biden getting arrested during a visit to South Africa in the 1970s, which the vice president... [Read More]
President Trump is trying to block his former national security adviser John Bolton's book from being published. [Read More]
Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow said that he would rather be known for saving babies than winning Super Bowls during an anti-abortion event. [Read More]
Could Mick Mulvaney be part of the "Resistance"? [Read More]
Dozens of Twitter accounts that were promoting presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg have been suspended. [Read More]
Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood appeared to throw his support behind former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg for president. [Read More]
A leading journalist said the Democratic establishment is doing "everything" in its power to stop Sen. Bernie Sanders from winning the 2020 Democratic nomination. [Read More]
A political action committee with ties to the top Republican in the Senate is being criticized for interfering in next month's Democratic Senate primary in... [Read More]
MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell accused President Trump of being a "Russian operative." [Read More]
Greyhound will no longer allow Border Patrol agents to conduct immigration checks on buses without a warrant, the company announced Friday. [Read More]
As the coronavirus death toll surpasses 2,000 people worldwide, one senator is warning about the lack of transparency from Chinese officials regarding the mystery illness. [Read More]
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