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Ohio has become the latest state to propose a bill that would punish medical providers who prescribe treatments to help transgender minors transition. [Read More]
The comments echo similar ones from 2016 where Bloomberg referred to trans women as "some man wearing a dress" [Read More]
An transgender woman is suing the state of Alaska over its refusal to cover gender confirmation surgery under its state employee health insurance plan. [Read More]
The decision has been branded "appalling," with one Democrat saying those who supported the endorsement should be "ashamed" [Read More]
A former surgical resident at The Brooklyn Hospital Center is suing the hospital, alleging he was subjected to anti-gay harassment by his superiors. [Read More]
An Iowa man sentenced to 17 years in jail for stealing and burning an LGBTQ Pride flag has been accused of exposing himself to female... [Read More]
The Virginia Senate approved a bill to ban licensed therapists from subjecting LGBTQ minors to sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts. [Read More]
Bert Farias said Buttigieg being gay, married, and a candidate for president was the "death rattle of a nation" [Read More]
A gay couple in the Miami area was shot at by two to three men on ATVS after they were seen kissing, leaving one of... [Read More]
Putin signaled his support for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage... [Read More]
Pete Buttigieg hit back against remarks by Rush Limbaugh, saying he's not going to "take lectures on family values" from the right-wing radio host. [Read More]
A new survey of Tennessee voters finds that majorities not only oppose anti-LGBTQ legislation, but believe that lawmakers should focus on other issues. [Read More]
St. Louis County will settle a gay police officer's discrimination lawsuit for $10.25 million, far less than the $20 million a jury awarded him last... [Read More]
For the first time, an Oklahoma House committee approved a bill to ban conversion therapy on LGBTQ minors, passing it on bipartisan vote. [Read More]
"It seems to me you're justifying bigotry," Jim Sciutto said... [Read More]
Limbaugh claimed Buttigieg would look bad next to "Mr. Man" Donald Trump... [Read More]
The bill would trigger notifications for any coverage of sexuality or gender identity, covering grades K-12... [Read More]
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In a surprise move, the Allegheny County Council has passed a measure to ban licensed therapists from subjecting LGBTQ minors to conversion therapy. [Read More]
A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit from an evangelical professor who sued Shawnee State University for violating his free speech rights. [Read More]
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