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Now that the mainstream media challenges false statements, what's the difference between blogging and the press? [Read More]
Conservatives flipped out when anyone asked about Amy Coney Barrett's faith affecting her rulings. But now, hypocritically, they're hassling the U.S. Senate candidate and minister... [Read More]
They had big congressional majorities to pass the New Deal and fund the Union Army. Biden is the rare crisis president without the majorities he... [Read More]
He promises to veto the Defense Appropriations Authorization Act if it forces to Pentagon to change the names of bases and ships. [Read More]
The legal saga is over. Next stop, Trump TV? [Read More]
Stay in Washington long enough and some of the smart folks you know become George Marshall and James Baker. [Read More]
There's a weird, right-wing push to boycott January's pivotal U.S. Senate runoffs. Is Trump angry enough to join it? [Read More]
The president knew he couldn't prevail in the courts but he understands how to make money by failing. He did it with casinos and he's... [Read More]
Conservatives main objection to the president's legal strategy is that it won't work. [Read More]
As the pandemic rages t, an exodus from cities seems underway. Will it continue? Are 'burbs, already in need of help, ready for the influx? [Read More]
That Durham investigation into the Trump-Russia probe could just fade away... [Read More]
Journalism is currently in a period of simultaneous consolidation and decentralization. Neither are particularly healthy for sustained, quality journalism and opinion. On the consolidation side,... [Read More]
Say what you will about Donald Trump, he's very good at turning out Republican voters. But will they turn out when he's not on the... [Read More]
It would almost be possible to laugh at this debacle if the stakes weren't so serious. [Read More]
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