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Even a blunt veto threat from President Trump could not halt rising momentum on Capitol Hill Wednesday to strip the names of Confederate generals and... [Read More]
Everybody knows the name of George Floyd, and Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr. wants people to remember his son, too. [Read More]
China's government and pro-Beijing activists in Hong Kong condemned what they called foreign meddling in the territory's affairs on Thursday, as countries moved to offer... [Read More]
Seattle police early Wednesday retook the autonomous zone from Black Lives Matter, carrying out an order from the mayor three weeks after protesters took over... [Read More]
San Francisco Chief of Police William Scott touted a "groundbreaking new policy" this week of ditching public mug shots for all but imminent threats to... [Read More]
The recently-released memoir of former White House National Security Advisor John Bolton sold over 780,000 copies in all forms in its first week on sale... [Read More]
Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday pleaded with Floridians to avoid enclosed spaces and crowds over the Independence Day weekend, as the state posted over 10,000... [Read More]
Weather forecasters are warning of extreme temperatures and high humidity, a recipe for potentially deadly heat, this holiday weekend in Central and Southern states. [Read More]
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he opposes taking down the statue of 19th century explorer and imperialist Cecil Rhodes at Oxford University's Oriel... [Read More]
Former "Superman" Dean Cain says cancel culture activists making headlines hate the country and would prevent the character from talking about "truth, justice, and the... [Read More]
The Senate on Thursday adjourned without a final vote on the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), vowing to continue progress on the massive piece... [Read More]
The D.C. government and the Trump administration are butting heads over events this weekend on the National Mall, with city leaders urging residents to stay... [Read More]
Both the demands for police reform and the standoff itself ask a much larger question of us: When police fail, what comes next? Well,... [Read More]
Hours after FedEx said it had asked the Washington Redskins to change their name, Nike removed all references to the team — including the option... [Read More]
Every major economy in the world has been damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, China's more than most. Because of China's accelerating aggression and its economic... [Read More]
One of the white officers who stopped Elijah McClain was fired over photos showing colleagues reenacting the chokehold used on the Black man before he... [Read More]
President Trump lambasted the far-left those vandalizing American monuments at his Mt. Rushmore fireworks event Friday evening, claiming a culture war is targeting the legacy... [Read More]
A bishop suspended a suburban Indianapolis Catholic pastor from public ministry Wednesday for remarks in which he compared the Black Lives Matter movement and its... [Read More]
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley is seeking to cut in half the budget for an in-house Pentagon think tank, citing in part dubious contracts... [Read More]
The Supreme Court on Thursday ensured that grand jury testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia collusion probe will not be released before the November... [Read More]
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