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There's not a single dermatologist who isn't constantly preaching about the benefits of proper sun protection. And as we all know, while putting on sunscreen... [Read More]
If your dad is anything like mine, he probably doesn't know about the trendiest new moisturizer, or celeb-loved cleanser the internet can't stop raving about.... [Read More]
Are you taking care of your moneymaker? And by moneymaker, we of course mean your wrists, hands, and forearm zone.Think about it: If you work... [Read More]
Summertime is almost here (finally!) and that means more daylight, and more time outside. Whether you're able to take a vacation or are just happy... [Read More]
Of all the squashes in the world, pumpkins may be the most well-known (sorry, zucchini)—but not necessarily for their nutritional value. We tend to think... [Read More]
You've probably heard the phrase, "every body is a beach body." Maybe you spotted the slogan alongside vibrant full-body photos: larger bodies and smaller ones... [Read More]
If fruit smoothies aren't your thing—whether you're trying to lower your sugar intake or you're simply not into eating berries and bananas—don't give up on... [Read More]
Landscape designer Lily Kwong is sitting in the herb and flower garden at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa, a garden she designed and... [Read More]
This year, the number of weddings in the U.S. is expected to clock a near 40-year record. While this rise in nuptials following years of... [Read More]
Raise your hand if you have had to take off a pair of heels during a wedding reception. What about during a long night out?... [Read More]
When it comes to trauma, we often think about the mental effects—but accidentally ignore the physical ones. According to Gretchen Schmelzer, PhD, who previously told Well+Good: "[Trauma is]... [Read More]
A day without a to-do list is kind of like dancing without a soundtrack: You can do it, sure, but you may not feel like... [Read More]
From photos alone, you might think that I have full, thick, voluminous hair. In reality, it's very long, super fine, and (although my mom and... [Read More]
Like peanut butter and jelly or cookies and milk, summer and flip flops go hand-in-hand. They protect your feet from the hot pavement whenever you... [Read More]
Whenever a friend says in passing that they just don't identify with their zodiac sign, I'm likely to whip out a handful of potential explanations.... [Read More]
Saturn is Capricorn's ruling planet. The zodiac sign Capricorn is associated with the earth sign. "Capricorns are responsible, intellectual, active and ambitious," says Emily Newman,... [Read More]
When news broke earlier this year that Rihanna was expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky, I beamed with a delight typically reserved for... [Read More]
Jan Marini struggled with acne well into adulthood. She tried product after product, but nothing has worked as well as the items she created during... [Read More]
And just like that, summer is almost here. And if here's one thing I need to survive this impending New York City humidity, besides SPF,... [Read More]
With summer right around the corner and temperatures already reaching near 90°F in parts of the country, heating up the kitchen to make dinner is... [Read More]
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