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Neil Patel: 'Large, powerful institutions have behaved badly in our country for a long time'... [Read More]
A dozen graphs charting the number of COVID-19 cases in countries and states confirm the conclusions of recent studies that mask mandates have no effect... [Read More]
The FBI reportedly has an active criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and his associates. James Rosen, a... [Read More]
A tweet by the Girl Scouts congratulating new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett drew such outrage from Barrett's critics that the youth organization swiftly... [Read More]
Dave Ramsey offers financial advice to woman hoping to work in financial industry... [Read More]
By Mary Margaret Olohan Daily Caller News Foundation Former Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that his son Hunter Biden is "the smartest guy I... [Read More]
If Joe Biden is elected president and the Democrats retake the Senate, a wave of liberal programs drawn up by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is... [Read More]
By Andrew Trunsky Daily Caller News Foundation Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the former prime minister of Malaysia, tweeted Thursday that "Muslims have a right to be... [Read More]
Ilana Mercer revels in the energy of happy-warrior president running circles around the competition... [Read More]
Pat Buchanan lists foreign-policy issues facing the U.S. [Read More]
Lowell Ponte says many Americans want a 'do-over' after Hunter Biden scandal broke... [Read More]
David Limbaugh hammers 'sanctimonious scolds' telling conservatives not to support president... [Read More]
David Harsanyi explains, 'Originalism is the stick in the spoke of progressivism'... [Read More]
Dan Backer checks 12th and 20th Amendments to paint scenario leading to veep taking the reins... [Read More]
A Florida man was mauled by a black leopard after paying the owner of a private animal sanctuary for a "full-contact experience" with the rare... [Read More]
In the world of golf, you won't find a bigger name. And it tells you all you need to know that, even if you're not... [Read More]
Tampon manufacturer Tampax has insisted that men can get periods, too, sparking a firestorm on social media for being anti-woman and more. As reported by... [Read More]
Referendum 90 would require all public schools in Washington state to provide comprehensive sexual health education that is age-appropriate to every student. Voters will soon... [Read More]
The head of a ministry that helps Christian young people strengthen their biblical worldview is looking past the 2020 elections to the future... [Read More]
The left doesn't seem to understand the Christian right AT ALL. Nor do they want to. The Washington Post published an article warning of the... [Read More]
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