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Officials in Arizona's most populous county started delivering equipment used in the November election won by President Joe Biden to the state fairgrounds on Wednesday.... [Read More]
Looting has become synonymous with "social justice" over the last year or so. [Read More]
It looks like the Indonesian Navy submarine that disappeared yesterday during routine naval exercises has fallen too deep to retrieve, meaning the 53 crewmembers onboard... [Read More]
Maryem Abdulhamid, 47, is a mother of four children. She fled Xinjiang and came to Istanbul in 2016 with only two of her children at... [Read More]
The Coca-Cola Company seems to be learning the hard way that signing up for the racialist agenda of the left has a downside. Bradley Gayton,... [Read More]
General Motors and Ford joined over 400 businesses on Wednesday calling on President Joe Biden to set an ambitious emissions target for the US ahead... [Read More]
An irate Democratic chairman slammed his gavel during a House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on voting rights Thursday after a black lieutenant governor recounted Republican leadership... [Read More]
One doesn't have to go too far... [Read More]
The Washington State Department of Health lets providers deny vaccines to white people in a race-exclusionary system they claim creates equity and removes barriers. It... [Read More]
Asia is on track to report the most new COVID cases in April (adjusted for population) than any other continent as India's "second wave" of... [Read More]
Over a quarter of the United States population has been vaccinated for Covid-19. One would think that with so many allegedly "safe" people combined with... [Read More]
For more than a week, Simeon Momanyi has worked to strike a balance between abiding by law enforcement and ministering to protesters decrying racism and... [Read More]
The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives in Connecticut has passed a bill aimed at ending the state's religious exemption from immunization requirements for schools, starting with... [Read More]
Democrats, in a lather over their new power in Washington, holding the White House, a very slim majority in the House and the absolute slimmest... [Read More]
Newly released audio appears to show the head of an elite New York City school admitting to a whistleblower teacher that the institution is, in... [Read More]
A Catholic university in Portland is hosting a graduation celebration that honors a whole lot of identities. Indeed the only grads that don't seem to... [Read More]
Seeking to correct the American abortion industry's penchant for targeting "vulnerable women" to make "life and death decisions" without knowing the impact, Sen. Marsha Blackburn,... [Read More]
The number of Americans filing new unemployment claims dropped to 547,000 last week as the economy continues to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, according to... [Read More]
Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin had just been found guilty on all counts when the family of George Floyd took a phone call in... [Read More]
Politicians who suckle at the government teet disregard the people whose salaries they confiscate to fund their Marxist agenda. [Read More]
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