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Joseph Farah recalls Barack Obama's controversial birth certificate as the former president celebrates his 60th birthday. [Read More]
Virtually every day we see examples of men and women who are out of control in modern society. And they are making life miserable for... [Read More]
Larry Tomczak warns there's little margin for error in the education of our children... [Read More]
The O-limp-ics 2021 are proof-positive that spoiled American athletes top the planet in self-absorption, narcissism and entitlement... [Read More]
Information the media is withholding or distorting about the COVID-19 vaccine, masks and other controversial topics will be the subject of an online townhall conference... [Read More]
Following Reagan's "Solidarity" model for Cuba could well save Biden's presidency from complete failure. [Read More]
Turkey and Azerbaijan remain among the most egregious sponsors of international terrorist organizations and the U.S. covers for those countries. [Read More]
Ben Shapiro wants to know what happened to '2 weeks to slow the spread'... [Read More]
There's a new breed of charismatic pro-Trump candidates, one of whom could become his running mate in 2024. [Read More]
Female athletes are upset because people born male but who identify as female are winning sports competitions. [Read More]
Roe v. Wade, which has defined abortion reality in the country since 1973, is open to review and could be overturned. [Read More]
Small-town school board: No more masks on kids. State: You can't do that, we'll crush you. Will you comply? School board: No. [Read More]
'I'm feeling very happy and I keep trying not to cry, but it keeps happening,' the wrestler confessed as she joyfully celebrated the win. [Read More]
It looks like Pennsylvania could soon be heading down the same road that Arizona's state Senate has gone. [Read More]
Missouri Gov. Mike Parson announced Tuesday that he made good on his promise to pardon a couple who gained notoriety for pointing guns at social... [Read More]
Video footage showed the crew of the Fishbone pulling the other anglers aboard their boat as the Knot Stressin sank deeper in the water. [Read More]
Eventually, someone opened the door to the field and the cat ran through, much to the chagrin of the crowd. [Read More]
Callahan muzzled a solid priest while taking no such measures against Burrill, a cleric who clearly isn't living out his vocation. [Read More]
It only took Joe Biden less than half a minute to undermine his own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama's birthday bash plans failed to draw criticism from the White House on Tuesday. [Read More]
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