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Like most presidential inaugural addresses, Biden's was forgettable, with bromides about unity as readies a very liberal agenda. [Read More]
Despite the chemo and the treatments making it even more difficult, he began training, planning to compete in Ironman Australia in May 2020. [Read More]
As the country has learned this year, coronavirus rules for Democrats depend on more than health considerations. [Read More]
He wasn't out of the woods just yet, and had (and still has) lots of therapy and work ahead of him after spending 63 days... [Read More]
Throughout American history, third parties have not traditionally drawn enough support to play a major role in national elections. [Read More]
The Chinese government banned 28 Trump officials and their families from the country on the day of Biden's inauguration. [Read More]
Joe Biden may have been sworn in as president on Wednesday, and Kamala Harris as vice president. [Read More]
The sincerity of President Biden's call for Americans to combat "lies that are told for power and for profit" could be tested if Republican senators... [Read More]
In Rasmussen's final presidential tracking poll for President Trump, 51% of likely voters approved of his job performance. Rasmussen Reports said the figures include 36%... [Read More]
A Capitol Hill reporter for the Hill has confirmed that a senior GOP aide has revealed that more than half of the Republicans in the... [Read More]
Joe Biden was inaugurated as president on Wednesday, and immediately started issuing orders where he could to destroy the legacy establish by President Trump, including... [Read More]
Joseph Farah calls National Guard contingency in D.C. 'a show of force – nothing less'... [Read More]
Erik Rush believes that the 80 years of liberty WWII heroes died to give us are over... [Read More]
Jack Cashill on Susan Rice email: 'Orwell could not have scripted this nonsense'... [Read More]
The South Carolina Democrat who likely single-handedly revived a failing Joe Biden candidacy during the party's primary for the 2020 presidential race has explained that... [Read More]
Ted Baehr & Tom Snyder describe the perils of tyrannical socialism... [Read More]
Lt. Col. James Zumwalt quotes Egyptian president on wisdom of restricting immigration... [Read More]
Betsy McCaughey says president's strategy 'is like fighting back with a peashooter'... [Read More]
Sean Harshey urges conservatives to back away from censorial social media... [Read More]
The Congressional Budget Office estimated President Biden's proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour could eliminate 3.7 million jobs. The report concluded... [Read More]
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