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For decades, conservatives have rightly griped about the state of the American public education system, which has moved from a focus on the basics of... [Read More]
The Stanford University student government has voted against approving a $6,000 grant request from the College Republicans to help host former Vice President Mike Pence... [Read More]
Students at a Brooklyn high school campus awash in weapons said they are arming themselves due to growing safety concerns both in and out of... [Read More]
A conservative leader says the public should be defending a New Hampshire high school student, who was suspended for holding unapproved beliefs about gender and... [Read More]
The Harvard Culture Lab has awarded a group a grant for "relieving stress experienced by Black students and staff through music," according to a recent... [Read More]
This auction should be a knockout! Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone recently traded in his Tinseltown digs for a sprawling Palm Beach, Fla., estate, and he's... [Read More]
A scientist whose work focuses on paleontology and evolutionary biology has written in an article at Scientific American that the human species is doomed. [Read More]
Terry McAuliffe sank his Virginia gubernatorial bid with his condescension toward parents, typified in his claim that experts, not parents, were the only ones qualified... [Read More]
Kamala Harris believes President Joe Biden is a "man of deep faith" even though his administration is fighting to stop states from protecting unborn babies... [Read More]
Ontario, Ohio, is a relatively small city halfway between Cleveland and Columbus. Its attractions include the Ohio Bird Sanctuary and the Biblewalk museum of waxworks... [Read More]
Actress and singer Bette Midler is calling for authorities to arrest former President Donald Trump for the attempted murder of President Joe Biden, saying Trump... [Read More]
A Montgomery County, Maryland, homeowner burned his house down on Nov. 23 while trying to manage a snake infestation, officials said Thursday night. Montgomery County... [Read More]
People Magazine named Dolly Parton, Sandra Oh, Simone Biles and National Teacher of the Year Juliana Urtubey... [Read More]
By Laurel Duggan Daily Caller News Foundation Santa Claus visited El Paso County, Colorado, weeks early this year to apply for a concealed handgun permit... [Read More]
The parents of Michigan school shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley were taken into custody in Saturday's predawn hours after an extensive manhunt for the couple, who... [Read More]
A.F. Branco has 'the big guy' just where he wants to be... [Read More]
Brent Smith touts 'Operation Wetback,' which caused extensive self-deportation... [Read More]
Joel S. Hirschhorn spotlights the low transmissibility of new COVID variant... [Read More]
Barbara Simpson tells of Arizona teen whose remains were identified only recently... [Read More]
Michael Brown on gender-bending in sports: 'Really now, have we totally lost our minds?'... [Read More]
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