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'I looked out the window and saw a big blank slate, and thought I could write something on it,' said the woman's daughter, who had... [Read More]
A retired FBI agent who ran, for years, one of the government's warrantless spy programs says he warned officials about the problems they presented long... [Read More]
[Editor's note: This story originally was published by Real Clear Investigations.] Advertisement - story continues below By Naomi Schaefer Riley Real Clear Investigations Paula Hartley... [Read More]
In the ongoing struggle between nationalism and globalism, the globalists are taking a beating. [Read More]
It was not until after the money had already been wired out of Corcoran's bank account that her team realized they had been lied to. [Read More]
Rep. Louie Gohmert praised his friend Philip Haney, the DHS whistleblower whose death is under investigation, in a House floor speech... [Read More]
Ukraine has launched a criminal case against former Vice President Joe Biden alleging he pressured authorities to force the resignation of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. [Read More]
An "honest elections" group is advising that it may end up going to court against some jurisdictions because they have more voters registered than they... [Read More]
In today's war of the world, this virus that now seems like doom might become a blessing. [Read More]
You know how Murphy's Law says anything that can go wrong will go wrong? Think of your emergency fund as Murphy repellant. [Read More]
Even a President Sanders will be highly unlikely to accomplish and enact even as much as 10% of his radical agenda. [Read More]
Anti-whitism is becoming institutionalized, systemic and therefore dangerous. [Read More]
Liberals' promises are never actually about whatever they purport to be. They are merely pretexts. Bait. [Read More]
most Sanders supporters don't seem to have a rudimentary grasp of basic economics much less the "socialism" they think exists in Scandinavian nations. [Read More]
(BALTIMORE SUN) Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, who held elected offices in Baltimore for two decades and was elevated by voters to lead the city... [Read More]
story continues below "Oh no, no honey. You guys are misunderstanding again. That`s not how it is," said…... [Read More]
Circuit Judge Holly Meyer issued her scorching remarks during a Wednesday phone call with attorneys involved in the case. [Read More]
story continues below An agricultural expert behind the scheme says a single duck can eat…... [Read More]
(NEWSWEEK) People are scared of buying Corona beer amid coronavirus fears, according to a poll conducted by the market research company YouGov. "Unfortunately for one... [Read More]
Jeffrey Epstein's death may have ended the latest criminal case against him, but it did anything but put the speculation about what he did, and... [Read More]
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