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"Take it from the President," tweeted Biden, as he highlighted Trump's hypocrisy. [Read More]
Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris spoke about what she and Joe Biden want to accomplish and what it would mean for the country to have... [Read More]
The photographer posted an edited version of Joe Biden's 2020 campaign logo. [Read More]
When Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris to be his running mate, it sparked a frenzy on the other side of the... [Read More]
Goldman sounds the alarm bell on a chunk of consumer stocks if Joe Biden's tax proposal goes through. [Read More]
Twitter users were understandably freaked out. [Read More]
Fox News host Jeanine Pirro suggested Wednesday night that "something" was going to happen to presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden that would keep him... [Read More]
Fox News is not exactly known for their nuanced (or accurate) takes on politic discourse. Jeanine Pirro, specifically, has a reputation for saying such nonsensical... [Read More]
Joe Biden introduced Kamala Harris as his vice presidential pick at an event in Wilmington on Wednesday. [Read More]
Democrats hoping that the Trump campaign's haphazard first response to former Vice President Joe Biden choosing California Senator Kamala Harris as his running-mate is indicative... [Read More]
Kamala Harris has formed a strong team behind her during her different political moves, whether it be her presidential campaign or joining Joe Biden as... [Read More]
Harris receives strong marks as the pick and Biden receives credit for choosing the California senator, as she is the only contender across both presidential... [Read More]
Over three months, 11 women were vetted as possible running mates for Joe Biden. In the end, Kamala Harris got the call that would make... [Read More]
With Joe Biden tapping a woman as his running make, Trump is offering a divisive message to women voters that some Republican operatives are questioning. [Read More]
Joe Biden ended months of speculation by selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate. Will the historic choice help or hurt his chances of defeating... [Read More]
The president has attacked Joe Biden by trying to appeal to a community that no longer exists. [Read More]
Joe Biden has chosen California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. Howard University President Emeritus H. Patrick Swygert joins the On the Move panel... [Read More]
The Minnesota senator defended Joe Biden's new running mate after Trump described her as "very, very nasty." [Read More]
The decision of who Joe Biden will pick to be his running mate is imminent. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has interviewed top finalists for... [Read More]
It was a long road to this announcement—here's how we got here. [Read More]
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