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One year after beginning a journey to overcome homosexual behavior, British conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos delivered a video message to his "gay brothers and sisters,"... [Read More]
As evidence mounts that a cover-up by the Chinese communist regime allowed the COVID-19 outbreak to become a global pandemic, killing an estimated 3.8 million... [Read More]
The Father's Day weekend in Chicago was sadly typical, with at least 52 people shot, five of them fatally.Among the fatalities was a 24-year-old father-of-two,... [Read More]
As evidence has grown that the novel coronavirus pandemic was caused by a leak from a Chinese virology lab, White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony... [Read More]
In a move that brought to mind the first impeachment charges against President Trump, the Biden White House froze a $100 million military aid package... [Read More]
Reacting to skyrocketing violent crime in Atlanta, the city's richest neighborhood has filed papers to secede and set up its own police force. "We filed... [Read More]
NASA has launched a new "equity" recruiting mission that opponents, who have dubbed it "critical space theory," are criticizing as a new form of discrimination... [Read More]
With little or no notice to local officials, the Biden administration is placing in towns across the nation young illegal aliens who are part of... [Read More]
President Biden continues to promise he will not raise taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000, but an analysis of his proposed revision to the... [Read More]
Reacting to the criminal indictment of a fellow officer, the entire Rapid Response Team of the Portland Police Bureau in Oregon has unanimously voted to... [Read More]
One of the 18 scientists who recently published a letter acknowledging the plausibility of the coronavirus lab-leak theory said she and her colleauges didn't speak... [Read More]
If the federal government won't complete the building of the southern border wall on land seized for that purpose, we want it back so we... [Read More]
Comedy Central's satirical news program "The Daily Show" was once said to be the place where millenials got their news, and now its former host... [Read More]
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