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Vice President Harris will attend the inauguration of the new Honduran president, who is a socialist with anti-Semitic ties. [Read More]
Jesse Watters is the new permanent host for Fox's 7 p.m. hour and he is getting millions of viewers with his fresh takes. [Read More]
Kid Rock's new song bashing Biden and Fauci is getting popular as discontent grows among the American population. [Read More]
DJ Ferguson needs a heart transplant. But he has been removed from the transplant list at a Boston hospital because he is not vaccinated. [Read More]
ESPN is getting backlash for covering transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. Teammates and others are unhappy about Thomas competing against women. [Read More]
John Stockton just got banned from home games at his alma mater, Gonzaga, for not complying with the strict mask mandate. [Read More]
Pelosi is coming under suspicion of insider trading with her resistance to the bipartisan measure to stop congressmen from trading. [Read More]
Jeff Darr stood up at a school board meeting and informed the members that his daughter had been assaulted. Their response was infuriating. [Read More]
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