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One of the key measures people use to track the spread of COVID-19 is percent positive, but on Feb. 2 the South Carolina Department of... [Read More]
Curbside pick-up is currently allowed due to an executive order by Gov. Henry McMaster but the bill would make this a permanent change. [Read More]
State lawmakers are debating two bills that, some say, would make it safer and easier to get beer and wine. [Read More]
State lawmakers are debating two bills that some say would make it safer and easier to get beer and wine. [Read More]
South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster says the government needs the help of private businesses in rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations. [Read More]
A vaccine location in South Carolina is delivering 130 doses a day with no waiting and wants to expand their capacity to 300 shots per... [Read More]
The Open Carry Training Act would allow anyone with a concealed weapons permit to carry a handgun out in the open. [Read More]
The South Carolina House Judiciary Committee is taking on a full slate of issues, some with the potential to provoke fiery debate. [Read More]
The South Carolina Republican Party says former President Donald Trump officially endorsed Party Chairman Drew McKissick in his reelection bid. [Read More]
Rep. Ashley Trantham, R-Greenville, who is the primary sponsor of the bill said trans women competing on a woman's team would be, "absolutely taking opportunities... [Read More]
The "Save Women's Sports Act" or H3477 would make it state law that only people born with female anatomy can play on a women's middle... [Read More]
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