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Comedian and television host Bill Maher questioned the usefulness of COVID-19 booster shots during an interview with Deadline and said that he will not be... [Read More]
A Fox News poll of registered voters found that 46% supported the idea of increasing the quantity of justices seated on the nation's high court,... [Read More]
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's campaign store is selling flip-flops that are likely to appeal to critics of prominent public health figure Dr. Anthony Fauci.The straps... [Read More]
Chip manufacturing giant Intel has announced plans to pour more than $20 billion into constructing two factories in the Buckeye State.It is anticipated that construction... [Read More]
The Biden administration is seeking to paint a positive narrative as it marks the one-year anniversary since the president took the oath of office."One year... [Read More]
Freshman Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones of New York declared during a floor speech on Thursday that "white nationalists" in the U.S. Senate had utilized "the... [Read More]
Austria's parliament on Thursday voted to impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate requiring people ages 18 and older to get vaccinated or face fines, according to... [Read More]
Caitlyn Jenner, a biological male who came out as transgender decades after winning a gold medal in the 1976 Olympics, opposes allowing biological men to... [Read More]
NPR is standing squarely behind its report claiming that Chief Justice John Roberts "in some form" requested that Supreme Court justices wear face masks, despite... [Read More]
As Democrats plow ahead with a likely doomed attempt to change the filibuster rules in order to ram so-called "voting rights" legislation through the chamber,... [Read More]
During a press conference on Wednesday just ahead of the one-year anniversary of his administration, President Joe Biden, who has been facing poor job approval... [Read More]
Amid a chorus of criticism for Senate Democrats who refuse to help their party unilaterally change the filibuster rules in order to ram through so... [Read More]
Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Tuesday that he will not mount a gubernatorial bid.De Blasio said that while he will... [Read More]
Gary Chambers, a Democrat who launched a bid to serve as a U.S. senator for the state of Louisiana, has captured significant attention by releasing... [Read More]
Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California recently claimed that Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) "don't care whether or not they undermine the... [Read More]
Veteran pilot Charles McGee, a Tuskegee Airman who served the nation during World War II and later went on to fly missions in the Korean... [Read More]
While Democrats had hoped to change the filibuster rules so that they could ram election-related legislation through the U.S. Senate, they have been unable to... [Read More]
Greece is requiring individuals aged 60 and older to either get vaccinated against COVID-19 or else face financial punishment.The Associated Press reported that those who... [Read More]
The Michigan Democratic Party has deleted a post from its Facebook account that said parents who want control over what their child's school teaches should... [Read More]
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