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Dave Glover from our sister station 97.1 FM talk joins Marxkors talking about the Coronavirus how his kids are reacting to the restrictions of staying... [Read More]
Amy Marxkors is solo this week and she starts the show talking about the partying in the Ozarks this weekend and how it took off... [Read More]
Will the new post-COVID airline rules fly with passengers? Can MLB players really keep 67-pages of new restrictions (such as no spitting or throwing around... [Read More]
Mark Hamrick of bankrate.com has a report on the jobless claims and where they may go from here on out. Tom Chulick with the St.... [Read More]
Steve Chaggaris has the latest national political news. Retired Army Colonel Jeff McCausland joins the show discussing the U.S. parting ways with a major arms... [Read More]
The Whine Line is up first. Brad Stulberg joins the show next and has written the book The Passion Paradox and Peak Performance. Barton Gellman... [Read More]
St. Charles is a point of discussion this morning with their low COVID-19 death rate. Major Garrett has the latest out of Washington. [Read More]
The Whine Line is up first. Ryan Wrecker joins the show as he has put together a documentary of the late Robert Hyland. Jake Goldsborough... [Read More]
Charlie and Amy discuss cases by county with counter points from a listener. The Lake of the Ozarks have record booking rates. [Read More]
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