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The Chinese military is increasing its aggression against the United States and its allies to undermine and replace the international rules-based order. [Read More]
US coordination with allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific is at a historic high, according to a senior Pentagon official. [Read More]
A new Cold War is in swing, with the CCP preparing to establish a spy base in Cuba and the US preparing to send drones... [Read More]
Artificial intelligence (AI) will be the deciding factor in the ongoing Cold War between China and the US, said Congressman Mike Waltz. [Read More]
China's communist regime is engaged in the persistent theft of American intellectual property and technologies, according to a leading US diplomat. [Read More]
The authoritarian regimes of China, Iran, and Russia are increasingly coordinating as a unified power bloc against the US, according to several experts. [Read More]
The highest-ranking US diplomat will reportedly visit China just months after a Chinese spy balloon invaded US territorial airspace. [Read More]
The White House is condemning a series of aggressive sea and air intercepts by China's military, characterizing them as unprofessional and irresponsible. [Read More]
US-Israel ties remain "ironclad," and the two nations will work to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, according to the nation's top diplomat. [Read More]
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