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Ahead of Election Day 2020, Russian state media has just released a somewhat fawning yet utterly bizarre deepfake video of Donald Trump. In the video,... [Read More]
Two events that almost never happen simultaneously in the US are conspiring together to all but destroy any chance of Congress passing a new stimulus... [Read More]
Major outage hits App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV+, and more Apple services on Tuesday. Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager were also down... [Read More]
1 Deals Today's top deals: Prime Day prices on AirPods, Roku TVs, $7 Kasa smart plugs, $32 home cam that beats a $200 Nest... [Read More]
iOS 14 rolled out to the public last week, but the first jailbreak is already available. Jailbreaks have been much harder to come by in... [Read More]
A study of Enceladus images from the Cassini orbiter has revealed new clues as to the age of the ice on different parts of the... [Read More]
The late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the subject of two of the most-watched movies right now across all of the major streaming... [Read More]
Scientists studying the asteroid Bennu have discovered parts of a different asteroid on its surface. Bennu has chunks of the asteroid Vesta on its surface,... [Read More]
iOS 14, for the first time, provides users with the ability to truly customize their home screens thanks to a new widgets feature. With the... [Read More]
Microsoft just explained in great detail when Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S preorders will start, in stark contrast to Sony's poor handling of... [Read More]
An analysis of over 80 studies shows a direct link between mobile phone and Wi-Fi radiation and declining insect populations. Radiation can affect insects at... [Read More]
Homeland Security issued an emergency alert on Friday for a severe Windows vulnerability called Zerologon that would allow hackers to gain access to any computer... [Read More]
OnePlus confirmed on Monday that it will launch the OnePlus 8T series on October 14th. OnePlus teased on social media that the new flagship series... [Read More]
New CDC guidelines that appeared on the agency's website just a few days ago, which refined the agency's guidance around how the coronavirus spreads, were abruptly... [Read More]
Most Americans won't be getting a new stimulus check anytime soon, thanks to the fact that Congress has been unable to reach an agreement on... [Read More]
A new reality show will send one average person into space after being tested in various trials against other contestants. The show, called Space Hero,... [Read More]
Sony apologized for the PS5 preorder chaos, saying that "preorders could have been a lot smoother." Sony promised it would release more PS5 consoles for... [Read More]
Churches and places of worship are particularly conducive to coronavirus spread, and a new study from Johns Hopkins researchers quantifies just how much that's the... [Read More]
Sony's PS5 preorder mess continues as the console remains sold out at several retailers. Amazon has contacted PS5 buyers, warning them that it can't guarantee... [Read More]
The number of new coronavirus cases is rising rapidly in college towns across the country. Some schools that have recently been hit hard with a... [Read More]
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