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Pop superstar Selena Gomez publicly shared a private message she sent to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, arguing the social media giant has a... [Read More]
North Korea's communist regime ordered inspections and "ideological education" across the ruling Korean Workers' Party. [Read More]
A Kremlin spokesman declared that evidence surrounding the alleged poisoning of dissident Alexey Navalny featured "absurd inconsistencies." [Read More]
The latest trailer for Showtime's leftist miniseries "The Comey Rule" depicts President Donald Trump as a "mob boss" with no respect for the law and fretting over... [Read More]
Indonesia is forcing those who fail to abide by legal requirements to wear a mask to dig the graves of coronavirus victims. [Read More]
A marine conservation group found that Chinese fishing vessels carried out more than 73,000 hours of illegal fishing in the Galápagos. [Read More]
Hollywood film director Judd Apatow has claimed that President Donald Trump has "no issue" in killing Americans in order to win re-election. Apatow, known for "The... [Read More]
Imran Khan this week responded to a rise of sexual violence in the country by arguing that rapists should face chemical castration. [Read More]
Rap superstar Kanye West is leading a revolt against Universal Music Group that has led to music stars lashing out at record labels over the... [Read More]
Venezuela's socialist vigilantes are responsible for systematic human rights violations, U.N. investigators announced on Wednesday. [Read More]
Mozambique on Tuesday condemned the apparent brutal execution of a naked woman by men in army uniforms and ordered an investigation. [Read More]
Actor Michael Rapaport called out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) for ignoring New York City's surge in shootings on her watch, instead choosing to focus... [Read More]
Desperate Venezuelans took to the streets close to 750 times last month, for around 30 protests per day, a report revealed. [Read More]
Hollywood director Judd Apatow has slammed Hollywood's willingness to censor its content to appease China, saying that Beijing has successfully bought the "silence" of the... [Read More]
"Captain America" star Chris Evans appears to be weaponizing the media storm brewing over his (accidental) posting of a photo of a penis on Instagram by using... [Read More]
British television network ITV has been flooded with tens of thousands of complaints after 'Britain's Got Talent's' former winners performed a routine inspired by the... [Read More]
Residents of Harare, Zimbabwe, have accused nurses of turning clinics into illegal, yet highly lucrative foreign currency trading centers. [Read More]
"Former Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon has lashed out at author J.K. Rowling for her "baffling" comments concerning transgenderism, describing them as "really painful" for... [Read More]
Pop superstar Miley Cyrus is pushing young people to participate in the presidential election, appearing to take a subtle dig at President Donald Trump in describing... [Read More]
"Captain America" star Chris Evans appeared to accidentally share a picture of a penis to Instagram, sending Twitter and social media wild in speculation that the photo... [Read More]
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