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A blog posting that offers support to President Trump warns that "deprogrammed" and "re-educated" are words that almost always are connected to violence. [Read More]
A Christian school worker who was fired from her school after she expressed on Facebook social media pages her concerns about transgenderism at her son's... [Read More]
The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a private organization, is arguing before the Supreme Court that it should be allowed to "defend student rights"... [Read More]
A minister in the Church of England who, according to members of his congregation, has revitalized All Saints Brankscome Church, is being ordered to leave... [Read More]
Officials in Massachussetts have confirmed that nearly 5,200 people have come down with COVID after being vaccinated – and so far 80 of those victims... [Read More]
President Biden often has blurted out unwise statements. He once suggested all one would need for self-defense is a shotgun, which could be fired twice... [Read More]
It was only two months ago that a George Soros-backed prosecutor in St. Louis who famously released without charges dozens of protesters arrested for a... [Read More]
One executive inside CNN's leftist news regime is floating the idea of punishing Americans who don't want to take the experimental COVID vaccinations. [Read More]
Rasmussen on Friday released a startling good news/bad news report for Joe Biden. [Read More]
Joe Biden's verbal gaffes, stumbles and bumbles have made headlines for years – remember when he told a paralyzed supporter to "stand up" so the... [Read More]
The so-called "right" to abortion that was created by the Supreme Court in 1973 has been under fire ever since Justice Harry Blackmun wrote in... [Read More]
Sen. Marsha Blackburn, a Republican representing Tennessee, is being praised by Franklin Graham, the head of the worldwide Christian ministry Samaritan's Purse, for identifying the... [Read More]
On the heels of a prediction from a grocery chain chief that food prices could be 14% higher within just months – because of inflation... [Read More]
A video has been posted online that demolishes the claim by President Biden that his party isn't "anti-police." [Read More]
Just hours after Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., broke hundreds of years of precedent in the U.S. House by rejecting the minority party's choices for a... [Read More]
The Biden administration has promoted a group that wants to "disrupt whiteness," and when caught doing that, immediately backed down, calling the decision an "error." [Read More]
One of the more far-fetched discussions among fans of President Trump on how to return him to the White Housed has focused on have him... [Read More]
Black Lives Matter riots erupted across 100 cities in America last year, and this year the agenda is Washington appears to be enamored with the... [Read More]
A new investigative report by Buzzfeed on an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over her radical COVID lockdown orders shows that undercover... [Read More]
An investigative report by Just the News, which has obtained copies of emails found on Hunter Biden's laptop that was abandoned at a repair shop,... [Read More]
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