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Chief of staff to U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby to start role next month... [Read More]
But House, Senate majority leaders mum on details in speeches to county commissioners... [Read More]
Probate judge says he'll likely decide "in the next few months" ahead of 2019 election... [Read More]
Republican seeking ninth term expresses strong support for Trump agenda... [Read More]
Commission expected to consider changes to laws on those who hire lobbyists; all changes need legislative approval... [Read More]
Plaintiffs say practice violates First Amendment; Merrill says there are other ways to contact him... [Read More]
Democratic senator says time needed to fully investigate professor's allegation of sexual assault... [Read More]
Republicans dominating funding for Senate; open House seats appear tighter... [Read More]
Priorities include more funding for reading and library programs, increases for English language learners... [Read More]
Governor rejects debate with Democratic nominee Walt Maddox... [Read More]
Democratic gubernatorial nominee steps up attacks on Gov. Kay Ivey over refusal to debate... [Read More]
Republicans will try to defend supermajority; Democrats may push in suburban areas... [Read More]
Republicans hold six-to-one cash on hand advantage; some suburban Democrats buck trend... [Read More]
Political consultant argues Aug. 11 meeting violated DNC diversity and procedural guidelines... [Read More]
Senator says attorney general "did the absolute correct thing' in recusal; says firing Sessions "would be very dangerous" [Read More]
Rural hospitals facing financial turmoil ask for changes in payments, seek support for Medicaid expansion... [Read More]
State may lose House seat following 2020 Census; Governor wants "maximum participation" to secure federal money... [Read More]
George Wallace's 1968 presidential campaign was chaotic — and prophetic. [Read More]
Ivey, Mackey say declaration would help bring Hayneville Road facility up to speed... [Read More]
George Wallace's 1968 presidential campaign was chaotic –and prophetic. [Read More]