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BREXIT may give Scottish nationalists the opportunity to "prise the UK apart", claims William Hague. [Read More]
GREEK armed forces are on high alert after the Turkish navy performed maritime exercises off the island of Rhodes as Ankara's research ship the Oruc... [Read More]
THE UK'S trade negotiators are rushing into post-Brexit trade deals that could decimate superior British standards in a bid to be more competitive the Institute... [Read More]
A CATHOLIC Church charity has halted a bid to unmask the identity of Jack the Ripper, a surgeon has claimed. [Read More]
SWORN enemies China and Taiwan have sent their military units into the contentious South China Sea military region, causing alarm amid growing tensions. [Read More]
THE UK'S Marine Protected Areas are in danger of being decimated by supertrawlers, and now Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has joined calls to halt these... [Read More]
CHINA is accelerating its development of its militarised drones and autonomous attack technology across the Asia-Pacific region. [Read More]
BREXIT Britain could form a federation with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to create "superpower" after fully cutting ties with the EU, a historian has... [Read More]
HONG KONG'S chief executive Carrie Lam and ten other officials were sanctioned by the US on Friday for their role in oppressing political freedom, now... [Read More]
PANIC has swept across China's Inner Mongolia province after a second bubonic plague lockdown was enforced, two days after the first, as whole villages are... [Read More]
JAPAN has hit out at Chinese encroachment in the South China Sea warning Beijing to halt their expansionist policies or risk paying a "high cost". [Read More]
A SWARM of locusts are moving west from the Horn of Africa to the Sahel that is the transition zone between the Sahara desert and... [Read More]
AN employee has described the horrific scenes and cramped conditions from within the re-education camps of Xinjiang province in China, where over one million people... [Read More]
A FLIGHT from Gran Canaria to Madrid had to be diverted to Malaga after a passenger refused to wear a face mask. [Read More]
A FIRE on Chobham Common which spread to around 150 acres at its peak is still spreading, with more firefighters expected to respond to the... [Read More]
A WOMAN has been fined £120 for feeding crumbs from a Greggs vegan sausage roll to pigeons in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester city centre. [Read More]
CHINESE military aircraft have flown long-range patrols over the South China Sea increasing tensions in the region. [Read More]
CHINA has sent Britain a warning that it plans a "public and painful retaliation" after Boris Johnson's decision to ban Huawei from the UK's 5G... [Read More]
GERMANY is already experiencing a second wave of coronavirus, according to a physicians' association in the country. [Read More]
CHINA has a 'grim future' warning for the UK, that its economy will flounder post-Brexit and post coronavirus crisis. [Read More]
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