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It's clearly been a scary few days for UEFA as they faced the prospect of some of their biggest teams breaking away and trying to... [Read More]
Gary Neville has been one of the main voices on Sky Sports who's spoken out against the formation of the ESL, so it was clear... [Read More]
It finally looks like the whole idea of the ESL is going to fall through, but there are still plenty of questions over what needs... [Read More]
The European Super League promised to bring us new levels of excitement in football, but this probably isn't what they had in mind. It's been... [Read More]
It was clear that there was a lot of money being thrown at the idea of the ESL, but they made a huge mistake in... [Read More]
Gary Neville has been one of the main pundits in the UK who's led the fight against the formation of the ESL with his punditry... [Read More]
There may have been a worrying few days where a lot of "legacy fans" wondered if they still had a voice of an impact on... [Read More]
It was clear from the fan reaction that the ESL wasn't going to have an easy time of things, and it's immediately fallen apart not... [Read More]
It's clear that there's plenty of opposition from fans over the formation of the ESL, but the project will ultimately live and die with what... [Read More]
We've learned a lot of things about certain individuals this week, and it now seems fair to suggest that Florentino Perez hasn't met very many... [Read More]
Admittedly we need to see active players and coaches from the ESL founder clubs to speak out for the pressure to reach intolerable levels for... [Read More]
It's been an interesting few days for football, especially when a lot of teams may be wondering what the Super League would mean for their... [Read More]
There has been a feeling of inevitability about the end result today, but it's just so frustrating to watch. If you can't take easy chances... [Read More]
It's easily forgotten after watching that first half, but Celtic completely dominated the Rangers the last time they played. A huge part of that performance... [Read More]
Celtic's reaction to going behind did finally appear for a few minutes in the first half and Stephen Welsh missed a glorious chance, but you... [Read More]
The defence has been an issue all season, while there's always been a feeling in the big games that we're just waiting for a soft... [Read More]
The new era may not really kick-off until the new manager is appointed, but this afternoon's game could really set the tone going into next... [Read More]
It really wasn't that long ago when the idea of a player earning £100k per week was eye-watering stuff, but now it almost seems like... [Read More]
The whole of Liverpool's squad has been affected by the injury crisis this year, but it's also easy to forget that Roberto Firmino and Sadio... [Read More]
Arsenal did well to clear out a lot of deadwood in the winter transfer window, but Sead Kolasinac's loan move to Schalke was just a... [Read More]
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