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João Carlos Martins of Brazil is an internationally renowned pianist but had to retire from performing in 2000. In late 2019, designer Ubiratã Bizarro Costa... [Read More]
Allegheny County council members Bethany Hallam and Liv Bennett, and House candidate Emily Kinkead, all went nearly nude to address a new Penn. Supreme Court... [Read More]
TikTok user Austin has uploaded several videos while at his job at McDonald's in Canada. In one, he makes the eggs for Egg McMuffins, cracking them... [Read More]
The former First Lady, 56, said she's made a blanket, like five scarves, three halter tops, hats, and mismatched mittens during quarantine. She also discussed... [Read More]
Subway employees are sharing the strangest and most horrifying sandwich orders that they ever had to make in a popular Reddit thread. [Read More]
Ford, 59, discussed how 'global depression' made designing a new collection seem 'frivolous.'But he realized wearing nice clothes could give hope for a 'light at... [Read More]
He and Camila Mendes are seen downing cups of what is presumably mouthwash. They swish it around for a full minute before someone off-camera tells... [Read More]
Experts have warned against physical contact with people who aren't in the same household. Similar warnings were given during the Spanish flu pandemic a century... [Read More]
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