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Cary Patonai was only 38 weeks pregnant when her water broke on October 4. She went in for a C-section and delivered Finnely, who weighed 14lbs.,... [Read More]
A new mom in Arizona delivered a baby weighing over 14 pounds last week.Cary Patonai was only 38 weeks pregnant when her water broke on... [Read More]
Bobbie Prestes, 25, shared her story on TikTok and has earned nine million views. She said she struck up a rare conversation with an Uber... [Read More]
A TikTok star's story about a suspicious Uber Eats delivery driver who showed up at her home at one in the morning has earned over... [Read More]
Tennille, 23, is a NJ Transit Authority employee who works in a tollbooth on the New Jersey Turnpike. Her viral TikTok video shows how she gets... [Read More]
and the video has racked up more than three quarters of a million views. Surprise! A New Jersey tollbooth... [Read More]
Amanda Shoultz, 29, first started noticing that her stomach was getting bigger at the beginning of 2021. She tried diet and exercise and even eliminated... [Read More]
TikTok user Vanessa Riley found user Chris from North Cowichan, British Columbia on Tinder. The 44-year-old man wrote that he is married and 'looking for a women that... [Read More]
A Canadian woman was so disgusted to find a married man looking to cheat on his disabled wife on Tinder that he tracked the wife... [Read More]
Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which premiered in 1996, was mostly filmed at TV studios in Los Angeles. But the outside of her house was... [Read More]
The Victorian home that served as the exterior shot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch's house in the hit '90s sitcom is up for sale —... [Read More]
Alexis LaRue, 22, welcomed identical twins Camila and Elena in March weighing 6 lbs., 7 oz. each. They grew quickly and are now, at seven... [Read More]
Phyllis Raphael had been a widow for nine months when she bumped into retired bookseller Stan Leff outside a grocery store. He remembered her from... [Read More]
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