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Tara Davis, 22, will compete in the Olympic long jump competition. Hunter Woodhall, 22, will compete in the 100 and 400 at the Paralympics. He... [Read More]
Carole Taylor started practicing karate at age 60 after watching her then-11-year-old granddaughter's class. She soon joined the class herself. Last weekend, she earned her... [Read More]
A man named Dan shared video of his aborted proposal on TikTok. While Dan's dad recorded, his mom could be heard off camera yelling: 'Danny,... [Read More]
Photographers captured Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC on the set of HBO Max's Sex and the City reboot on July 27. She was wearing a... [Read More]
With the twisties, gymnasts second-guess their instincts and overthink, which can lead them to mess up a flip or twist and land wrong. This can... [Read More]
Sunisa, 18, took gold in the all-around women's final at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics today. The Minnesota resident is the youngest member of Team USA. [Read More]
The new Orchyd app tracks periods and locates period-care products. Its $79 kit includes a Bluetooth-enabled bag that offers important reminders as well as telehealth... [Read More]
All of the athletes on Team USA get to take home bags full of free gifts from sponsors. Cody Melphy, a 28-year-old rugby player from... [Read More]
Holly, 41, shared a photo of herself from a Playboy event in 2005. She admitted that at the time, she thought she looked big and... [Read More]
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