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FATTY liver disease could be fatal if you choose to ignore the warning signs. Consuming too much alcohol over many years could contribute to a... [Read More]
DIABETICS need to master their blood sugar levels. Too high of a reading, and health complications could occur; too low of a reading, and a... [Read More]
A HEART attack could be fatal and, even if it's not, it leaves behind scar tissue in the damaged organ. If enough scar tissue has... [Read More]
DIABETES management can be difficult; mastering the tightrope between ideal blood sugar levels and hyperglycaemia is challenging. How do you know when you're veering off... [Read More]
A HEART attack occurs every five minutes in the UK - are you at risk? The leading cause of the potentially fatal incident is coronary... [Read More]
CANCER cells multiplying within the anal canal can lead to certain sensations around your bottom. A little scratch here and there may seem innocuous, but... [Read More]
HELEN SKELTON began her presenting career on the children's programme Blue Peter back in 2008, then the mum-of-two - who she shares with husband Richie... [Read More]
THOUSANDS of painkillers are part of a dodgy batch. People are urged by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to check whether they have... [Read More]
OLIVIA WILLIAMS starred in An Education, The Sixth Sense and Rushmore, yet the award-winning actress's most fulfilling role is that of Pancreatic Cancer UK ambassador. [Read More]
who became famous after starring in Love Island -shared his medical knowledge with the audiences of ITV's Lorraine. As the sunshine has been beaming down... [Read More]
MIKE TINDALL is an English former rugby player, married to royalty - Zara, the daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. Together, they share... [Read More]
DELTA Covid cases continue to rise; now there is an increase of 15,022 people testing positive for the disease. The number of people admitted to... [Read More]
FATTY liver disease is largely preventable through lifestyle changes. However, symptoms of the condition don't tend to appear until the liver becomes scarred. How would... [Read More]
VISCERAL fat is packed between the abdominal organs, such as the stomach, liver and kidneys. This intra-abdominal belly fat, in excess amounts, can increase the... [Read More]
DEMENTIA can affect people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s; this is known as early-onset Alzheimer's. When the brain condition affects younger people, there can... [Read More]
ARTHRITIS is a long-term condition that includes periods of flare-ups when joints become painful and tender. If you'd like to decrease the frequency and intensity... [Read More]
PHYSICAL activity helps the heart to be in good condition. However, if you've already had heart issues, getting the muscle to work harder could end... [Read More]
THE PFIZER Covid vaccine is now associated with cases of heart inflammation. Several men under the age of 30 have experienced this rare side effect.... [Read More]
"MANY people may think that they don't need much sleep; [that] four to six hours can be enough for them," said Dr Alka Patel. However,... [Read More]
INFLAMMATION can be useful when it plays a part in the body's natural defence system against an infection. However, an overactive inflammatory response can destroy... [Read More]
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